Star Wars VII update: Why all the secrecy over next chapter?


2014 has arrived, and this means “Star Wars” fans can say it is a year until the release of “Star Wars Episode VII.” It is more like a little less than two years, but the film is set for release at the end of 2015. 2013 did not see much come out of the Star Wars camp about the next film, but the start of 2014 has seen the release of a few new details. Why all the secrecry over this project? Details are known because Disney is already working on a new Tomorrow Land with a focus on Star Wars, according to IGN. They had to know something to put those plans into motion.

Right now, very little is known, but there are new details out. Fans of the original trilogy can rejoice. According to Latino Post, JJ Abrams has made sure that Han, Leia, and Luke will play a major role in the new film. He even brought in a new script writer to write a script that put the focus on the original cast members. The first script had them playing mostly cameo roles and their children playing the stars. Lawrence Kasdan is the new man in charge of the script, and he wrote the script for “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Fans are also buzzing over the latest casting news for the next film. Michael Fassbender and Hugo Weaving are two huge names that are being considered for roles, but a casting call is generating some buzz as well. A young woman of black or mixed race is being sought for a role, and it is being teased that she could play the daughter or granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Little is actually known about Kenobi’s back story, so this is a possibility. It would go against the Jedi beliefs, but that could explain why she was never mentioned before.

Jesse Plemons from “Breaking Bad” on AMC is also set to talk to JJ Abrams about joining the cast, and he could play a character that would appear in all three of the upcoming films. Taking a look at the actor, he could definitely pass for a young Luke Skywalker, so it is likely he would come on to play Luke’s son. No word yet on Han or Leia’s children yet.

It is safe to say that fans of the “Star Wars” universe heavily favored the original trilogy versus the prequels. Fans fell in love with the story told in the first three films, and the story was lost in the second trilogy. It became more about special effects and making things look great than telling a story. With the changes to the script JJ Abrams demanded, it looks like he is trying to tell a good story. However, does the focus need to be on the original cast to do that?

When this new film is released, it will be forty years since the first film was even production. George Lucas was filming the first film back in 1975. Luke stared off into the two suns of Tattooine back then, and Han boasted about the speed of his ship all those years ago. It is nice to see the original cast being involved, but do they need to be the focus. JJ Abrams could be honoring the original cast in the first film before the focus turns to their children in the next two films. With all the secrecy surrounding this project, it is hard to know what direction JJ Abrams wants to take.

He is the man in charge though, and he is definitely trying to put the best movie and trilogy together that he can. He did amazing work with “Star Trek” and its reboot, so “Star Wars” could be in good hands.

What do you think of the new teasers released for this film? Do you like the direction “Star Wars VII” is taking?

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