Ubisoft Website Hacked, Users Urged to Change Passwords

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It seems that yet another gaming company has been hacked. This time it was Assassin’s Creed creator Ubisoft. According to the company, its Ubi.com website was hacked. A number of users’ names and encrypted passwords might have been compromised in the attack.

When this report was first announced, it was believed that Uplay was hacked as well. For those who do not know, Uplay is a digital distribution service that Ubisoft uses for downloadable games. However, it was later learned that Uplay was actually unaffected.

Although this is bad news for anyone who uses the Ubisoft website, there was a bit of good news as well. According to Ubisoft, no credit card or other personal information was kept on this site. That being said, it is still recommended that users change their user names and passwords right away.

In an official statement, Ubisoft said that it has already been made aware of the situation. Right now its staff is busy working on a solution to remedy the issue quickly. Please note that no personal information of any kind was compromised during this event.

Of course, this is not the first time that such a thing has happened to Ubisoft. In fact, just last July another security, vulnerability was discovered. This vulnerability was found in its Uplay browser extension. In short, this vulnerability left a back door open to the user’s system. This problem was quickly fixed with an update.

Watch Dogs

Ever since the PlayStation Network was hacked back in 2011, data security has become a top priority. This has a number of people concerned with the gaming industry’s move towards digital distribution of software. If gaming companies cannot keep consumers’ information safe when using its online services, the average consumer is going to be too afraid to use those services.

It is not just Sony and Ubisoft that have been hacked. A month after Sony was hacked, Nintendo was hacked. Unlike Sony, however, Nintendo said that no personal information was leaked. Then, back in March of this year, an exploit was discovered in the Origin service offered by EA. This vulnerability made it possible for hackers to actually add malicious code into games that are being downloaded.

For now, the problem at Ubisoft seems to be under control. In fact, the gaming giant has already set up a forum where consumers can ask questions about the security problem and what has been done to fix it. This makes it ironic that Ubisoft is working on the game Watch Dogs. In this game, hacking plays a key role throughout the entire game.

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