Jennifer Lawrence’s awesome (new haircut)

Who doesn’t love JLaw?

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most awesome celebrities to have gotten popular over the last couple years. She’s awkwardly told interviewers she had a shot before her interview, she says things like, “I’m the fastest pee-er ever. I’m famous for it,” and, “if I don’t have anything to do all day, I might not even put my pants on,” her nickname is Jeff Bridges, and she strives to be a truly good role model for impressionable young girls. Hollywood has called her fat, and her PR’s have asked her to stop being awkward, and Jennifer just brushes all this off.


Tumblr adores the 23-year-old actress, lovingly calling her “The Queen of Derp”. She’s a very candid young lady who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind … no matter what it is … and to do whatever pleases her.

This seems to include cutting off most of her hair.


In every role Jennifer has portrayed, she’s sported long hair – whether it’s in a waist-length braid as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games’ arena, dark waves in Silver Linings Playbook, or flowing blonde locks in Winter’s Bone. The pixie cut was a very sudden, much unexpected surprise.

It’s not like it’s unheard of – Anne Hathaway did it for her role in Les Misérables , Jennifer’s Catching Fire co-star Jena Malone has had short hair on and off throughout her career, Emma Watson’s been rocking the cut for years, and hey, even Miley Cyrus has done it (then again, what hasn’t Miley done?). Plus, it’s not like she shaved all her hair off, like Natalie Portman for V for Vendetta, or Sigorney Weaver for Alien 3.

Jennifer did this for herself, though.

Jennifer Lawrence’s fans are often very loving – they bashed critics who had a heyday over the “I beat Meryl” quote, coming to her defense and allowing the actress to explain herself. They praise her for her personality as well as her looks. As a matter of fact, there’s next to nothing Jennifer has done so far that didn’t make her fans eccentrically happy.

But do they love her new do?

The opinions are actually rather divided.  Certainly, she pulls the look off – it looks good, and it adds to her spirited persona. A fan who spoke during a Google+ Hangout immediately mentioned that she loved the pixie cut on Jennifer. Most fashion sites give it a thumbs up, as well.


Some fans aren’t pleased, though.

Of course, since Jennifer is the star of a popular film aimed at tween and teen girls, there  are bound to be complainers, just for the sake of complaining. And some are just learning to voice their opinions. And hey, not everyone likes pixie cuts.

The most loudly-voiced concern is that Jennifer Lawrence is going to be the next Miley Cyrus. There are rumours that Jennifer is engaged, she got a pixie cut … well, that’s actually pretty much where the similarities end. They both have hillbilly parents, maybe? Okay, so the fans’ concerns aren’t actually that concerning. It’s nice of them to worry, though. It’s good to see teens worry about their favourite celebrities going downhill, instead of saying, “wow, it’s really cool she’s grinding on a grown, married man. I think I’ll start doing that, too.” Luckily, a drastic haircut is not a sure-fire sign that someone’s lost their mind.

After all, the haircut seems to have come about because Jennifer’s hair was, as she put it, “fried” from being dyed, straightened and curled excessively for her role as Katniss. That, and apparently she didn’t like the way it looked at a medium length.

Trying something new can be fun.

Looking at pictures of Jennifer Lawrence making crazy faces is even more fun, though.




There. Wasn’t that fun?

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