Super Bowl 2014: Is it about the big game or everything else?


Super Bowl 2014 has arrived. Fans will tune in to watch the Seattle Seahawks play the Denver Broncos in New Jersey tonight, but Super Bowl has been the talk of the town all month long. The week before the game turned New York into party central. People started coming into town days before the game to have fun in the city that never sleeps.  Advertisers started dropping previews of Super Bowl commercials long before game time to help hype their products. It is safe to say that Super Bowl Sunday is not just about the biggest football game of the year. The game is the backdrop for advertisers and businesses to make more money.

Do you remember tuning in on game day to watch the big game and check out all the commercials? Well, now the commercials come online days before the game arrives. Who is this year’s early commercial favorite? Budweiser is winning big with a ‘puppy love’ commercial. Dannon Oikos has been teasing a ‘Full House’ reunion all month long. Kia has Morpheus from ‘Matrix’ promoting their cars.The list goes on. Newsday has all those commercials and more.

Some commercials banned from being shown during the big game are still getting attention. Soda Stream had their commercial featuring Scarlett Johannson banned because the commercial ended with a small dig at Coke and Pepsi.  The commercial still was seen. It made news on Fox News, and they aired the commercial in full. The buzz surrounding it was just as good as the commercial airing on game day, and Sodastream saved on the advertising dollars to get the commercial shown. It costs about $4 million dollars to have your commercial aired during the big game, and that is just for the first 30-second spot. That is not small change by any means.

In addition to the product commercials, it is also time for Hollywood to show off the big movies coming out in 2014. The first trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” will be shown during Super Bowl, and Fox is using the game to show off a preview with its first footage of “24: Live Another Day.” Yes, Jack Bauer is headed back to Fox in 2014, and production on the new series just began earlier this week. Jack will take on London this time around.

If you go back 30 years, Super Bowl was actually about the big game. Families would get together and watch the action on their television screens each year. Internet didn’t ruin all the commercials before the day of the game. Super Bowl has turned into a money maker. Technology has made it easier to tap into those big money dollars. Companies want to sell you their products, but they are losing out at the same time. They are spending big advertising dollars to have their commercial air during Super Bowl only to have it air for free on the Internet days before the big game airs on the small screen. Does that seem right to you?

The Super Bowl will still bring family and friends together on Sunday night. People will gather around their 50-inch HD television screens with all the snacks and fast food items surrounding them. Don’t forget the drinks! Electronics retailers love Super Bowl. Everyone goes out to buy the latest in television tech for game day, and retailers try to lure people in with low prices. Yet, something else that is not really about the big game but about money.

The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will take to the football field in a freezing outdoor game later tonight, and when one team is crowned champion the biggest money maker of early 2014 will end. Next year, Arizona will be able to shine when they host the big game.

What do you think? Is Super Bowl Sunday really about the football or business and money?

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