‘Glee’ hits 100: Are you still watching this Fox series?


“Glee” is in the middle of airing season five on Fox, and the cast has now filmed episode 100. Are viewers still tuning in though? Or has the show lost the newness and popularity it had during the first three seasons? Some might say it has lost its magic. “Glee” began as a huge hit for Fox, and it remained that through at least season three. Fox was so confident in the series that it picked up the series for two more seasons before season two ended, and then the network picked up the series again for two more seasons at the end of season four. Ryan Murphy had the end of the series mapped out already, and Fox wanted him to see through his vision to the end.

However, it was just before production of season five that tragedy struck the cast of the series. In July 2013, Cory Monteith died of a drug overdose. His death had an impact on both the cast and its fans. Monteith was a big part of Murphy’s vision for the end, and he left behind Lea Michele. The pair were dating off-screen, and their on-screen couple was the end game for the series, according to Ryan Murphy. That would have to change. Murphy and his staff of writers had to rethink an ending for the show that didn’t involve Finn.

Since his death, the series has paid tribute to Monteith with a special episode, and it has been revealed by Ace Showbiz that another tribute will be included during the 100th episode. Following that milestone episode, a huge change is planned for the series. The series will leave McKinley High behind and focus entirely on the cast that moved to New York City at the end of season three’s graduation. A new batch will graduate, and these characters will also move to New York City. The action and drama will focus entirely on that city and those remaining members of the cast through the end of season six.

But are viewers really still tuning in? Do the fans care about the series? Sure, more tuned in to see the Monteith tribute episode, but the ratings for this series saw a huge dip after that. In fact, the series received their lowest ratings ever on an episode that aired before the winter hiatus. The series is set to return next month with the second half of season five. According to Wetpaint Entertainment, 2.8 million tuned in to watch the episode that aired on Thanksgiving night. This is five million less than the number that tuned in to watch the Finn tribute episode back in October.

Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert joining the series for guest starring spots didn’t even bring in viewers. Both stars have huge fanbases. Lambert actually was featured in the Thanksgiving episode. That did not help ratings at all. It is safe to say that fan interest in this series is waning. Fans are just tuning in like they used to. Is it the characters? Is it the plot? Is it the move to New York City? It was originally planned that Rachel’s story would be shown in a spin-off series, but that fell through after some behind the scenes issues.

“Glee” still has viewers, and Fox wants the story to finish out. Is it due to the loss of Cory Monteith? The two-year pickup happened before his death. Murphy was able to make up for the death and change his vision, but the damage to the series might have already been done. “Glee” did something new and interesting, but it is time to move on. Fans still have the rest of season five and then season six to get their fix.

What do you think? Do you still watch “Glee” on Fox?

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