The Walking Dead season 4B preview: How dark will it get?


“The Walking Dead” is ready to return for the second half of season four on AMC, and fans should definitely expect some bleak times during the next eight episodes. Things will get hopeful again before the season ends. On the mid-season finale, the survivors said good-bye to the prison before they were all separated. Rick is with his son Carl, and Carl will try to help his father recover. Baby Judith was not found at the end of the mid-season finale, and she is likely dead. Fans will definitely find out her fate when the next episode airs. What else will happen during the second half of season four?

Dark times are ahead for the survivors, and fans will learn more about some of the remaining cast members. Fans will learn more about Michonne and Daryl before the end of the season. Each will have stand-alone episodes that will dive more into their pasts. In fact, Daryl’s episode is being teased as one of the best episodes of the remaining eight this season.  Norman Reedus, the actor behind Daryl, teased the following about the second half of the season to Entertainment Weekly:

“There’s a big Daryl episode coming up soon. It was such a grueling, hard shoot, but it came out really well. There’s a couple other episodes based around other characters who do some of the best work you’ve seen them do. I can’t wait for people to see these back eight.”

Daryl had just found out about Rick banishing Carol before all hell broke loose at the prison when The Governor arrived.  Her return has been teased since Carol left, and she will be back at some point during the second half of the season ends. She will connect with someone. Some teasers via Wetpaint Entertainment have revealed she will find Tyreese and her newly adopted daughters after he leaves the prison. Daryl will be with Beth Greene, and fans will learn more about her as well. She is dealing with the death of her father. The Governor beheaded Hershel during the mid-season finale.

As for the mid-season premiere, the focus will be on Rick and Michonne. The two will not be together, but the episode will take a look at what they do after escaping the prison. Andrew Lincoln did tease to Entertainment Weekly that fans will see Rick in the worse shape that he had been. He has lost his wife, his infant daughter, and he lost his safe haven. He will be alone in the world with his son by his side. Fans will see some dark moments while he recovers from his battle with The Governor. As for that villain, he was killed and shot in the head after he killed Hershel, but fans will see him during the mid-season premiere. Could he be seen in some kind of flashback?

One thing that the cast has made clear about the next eight episodes, the tone of the series is very different. Andrew Lincoln teased that the next eight episodes are very ‘character driven’ and ‘soulful’ in comparison to previous episodes. AMC has revealed that they are ‘worried’ about the second half of the season as well. Robert Kirkman revealed this concern at a recent event, according to Wetpaint. The darkness ahead is what has the network concerned. They have softened some of the more gruesome moments from the comics for the series, but they cannot change everything. Is AMC worried about alienating their fanbase? Definitely. With a second series already in the works, AMC does not want to lose any fans by killing off a fan favorite or getting too dark.

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of “The Walking Dead” on AMC? Episode nine will air on Sunday night.

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