The life and times of this Bullet Bill from the Mario universe is one of loneliness and constant traveling.

The creator of this excellent bean bag even offers some tips to keep you Chain Chomp healthy:

Bean bag does not come filled or else the postage rates would be astronomical! So he is folded and flat packed into a sturdy parcel. Bowser suggests filling him with three or more (500g) bags of polystyrene beans depending on how smooshy or full you want him.

Face Off has no relation to the Nicolas Cage/John Travolta movie of the same name (although it should – Nicolas Cage does a lot of good work). SyFy TV’s version of Face Off is a competitive reality show in the same manner of the popular fashion series Project Runway, but instead of making clothes and outfits, contestants must tap their make-up and special effects skills and create living monsters, beasts, and characters.

The Helghast are back, war is upon you, and there is a great chance to get sneak peak at Killzone 3. Time to load up and get ready to kill some more Mamoru Oshii inspired baddies.

While Killzone 3’s release is just around the corner, Sony has so graciously announced a Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta that will be available for download on the PlayStation Network starting Wednesday, February 2nd.