Torrid, emotionally enlightening and voraciously realistic, “Blue Valentine” thrives on life and creates an in-depth and profoundly enveloping portrait of a young, contemporary couple portrayed by the enigmatic Ryan Gosling and the always unraveling and talented Michelle Williams.

With the rate that films enter and exit a theater, it comes as no surprise that a good film will often go unrecognized. Such was the case with “Cedar Rapids” a slow burner of a film that starts methodically but slowly and relentlessly builds into a raucous and hilarious ride through the titular city.

Here is a set of functions that you can use to format, validate, and “clean up” URLs that come from user input, databases, or even variables.

For the uninitiated, Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG that will be a free-to-play (after purchasing a copy of the game) and looks to be an exciting new choice for many disenfranchised MMO gamers.

We’re back once again to make sure that you’ll never again be the only person in your group who totally did not catch that film reference. Wait, that was a film reference?

Have you seen this awesome music video made by a gaming fan and skilled artist named Zarla?

The violent, sexualized MMO switches to the free-to-play model. Will it help Conan and the Hyborian’s stay alive?

Set at the titular mining camp at the base of the Black Hills of South Dakota, “Deadwood” follows the members of the small, lawless community as they acclimate to or try to keep control of the unsteady nature of the makeshift town. But not being a part of the United States and owing justification to no one, Deadwood thrives on mischief, mayhem, whiskey and whores.

After 30 years of service, the Voyager probes both only have about ten years of life left in them. Soon, they’ll have sent us all they can and will continue on as silent ambassadors for mankind.

What sets HBO apart from most other networks is the stations uncompromising dedication to quality, which is on full display in one of the networks first comedy hits, “The Larry Sander’s Show”.