A funny World of Warcraft promo, cool tech, and a great read on Blade Runner tech. Also: Potpurri – It’s pronounced “poe-pour-e”.

See people in video game costumes, movie cosplay, and a little bit of strangeness and oddity in this list mega list of pics!

We preview the upcoming Dredd, a reboot / remake of the Judge Dredd franchise that aims to be more serious and focused than the adaptation from 1995.

Liam Neeson is back in the sequel to an awesome and awe-inspiring movie about a retired CIA agent’s quest to find his daughter. Like The Bourne Identity where Jason Bourne grows up and has a family.

Heavy hit with some tech news about Windows Phone 8, some exciting video game news about Unreal Engine as well as NVIDIA, some interesting news items, and, of course, Pikachu on drugs.

We take a look into the benefits and abiltiies of two upcoming next-gen game engines – one from Western developer Epic Games and the other from Japanase juggernaut Square Enix. See how each of them stack up.

This one’s got some sugar-themed posts, as well as one e-commerce website’s choice to tax IE7 users!

Today’s FIB features a hefty amount of tech industry news, a music video of Mr Rogers, and a strange Skyrim mod.