JKL hops up the chart with a new time slot, putting Letterman (but not Leno) in his place.

Netflix has just recently debuted their peek into the new original series “Hemlock Grove”.

Check out the giant list of nominees and see which movies made the biggest splash.

Django Unchained is poised to be a big hit for Tarantino, already reveling in big bucks and good reviews.

With the Evolution Kit, consumers can enjoy the latest features and services every year without having to purchase a brand new set.

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This is an awesome movie video game character video game mashup!

With this acquisition, Adobe’s strengthens their goal to integrate Behance’s site into Creative Cloud.

In the James Gunn directed film scheduled to launch sometime in 2014, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has joined the short list to take on the role of Quill, the Guardians leader.