s there not a more interesting story to tell using these kinds of characters that isn’t just 100% shock-and-awe tactics. How long is it going to be before kids shrug their shoulders at one of these films and the audience pulling power of a $200m blockbuster starts to wane?

From The Shrinking Man to The Twilight Zone, Hell House to What Dreams May Come, Matheson has had an enormous effect on the world of art, and whether you have read his works or not, his influence is all over the stories you already know. Get to your local bookshop and dig out a copy of one of his works. You’ll soon be smiling when you discover you’ve seen or heard it before. Just remember that Richard Matheson did it first.

Tom Davies, a freelance game developer, has taken Pac-Man, the cult hit of old and has turned into a game that allows gamers to see the corridors through Pac-Man’s world.

Search giant Google are reportedly working on a games console too.

One of the most memorable moments at this year’s E3 is when Sony announced that their PS4 would be $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. Sony hit this price point by not including the PlayStation Eye with every PS4 bundle, but will this move hurt the sales of their Eye add-on?

Kickstarter has been a driving force in the video game industry recently. It is changing the way we support the industry we all love so much. That being said, not everything about Kickstarter is good.

It’s a tricky question that seems to creep up every once and a while, especially after a new triple-a title hits the shelves, or a new popular shooter is released, and draws the question of critical acclaim or censorship of the media to the public’s eye. With the release of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, I’ve seen this question be resurrected once more, though for the first time in a long time in a positive light.

Nintendo has always been the king of the handheld market. Ever since it released its GameBoy years ago, no other competitor has been able to knock it out of the top spot, despite plenty of companies trying to take its Read more…

Here are eleven great reasons why you should consider dating a web developer professional.

Despite the amount of video games, comic books, novels and TV shows such as the awesome Walking Dead series that have arrived on the scene, the zombie genre keeps getting up after being shot multiple times.

The Stone Roses exploded out of nowhere in 1989, and brought with them an album that sits high on the majority of British journalists, magazines and music fans’ Top 10 album lists.

Android based Ouya set to enter the gaming market for $99, but will this low price tag be enough for it to earn a spot on your entertainment center?

In a tale of just how much power an extremely vocal fanbase can have, Microsoft have made a huge decision by backtracking on the previously announced DRM and online connectivity measures that were set to be enforced on their new, next generation console, the Xbox One.

True Blood has, for the most part, always been HBO’s most successful show, after long-running mafia series The Sopranos ended. Yes, True Blood is even more successful than critical hit Game of Thrones. However, everyone’s favourite dragon-whispering, medieval time tv show looks set to usurp True Blood at the top.

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are used to dealing with high expectations of their work by now. Back in 2004, when their first feature film collaboration Shaun of the Dead was released, it was just three years after their seminal TV show Spaced, a show that blew the cobwebs off the tired sitcom format of twenty-something’s hanging around in swanky wine bars and getting into “adventures”, and all the time whilst being accompanied by a very loud laughing track.

Nvidia hopes that a price drop can help its dedicated hand-held Andorid gaming device make a splash in the gaming market. The real question is: Is there really a market for such a device?

President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, Don Mattrick, gets defensive over Xbox One price tag, and insists that Microsoft is giving consumers an “over-delivering” value.

With almost every comic book franchise ever created finding its way to the big screen in some incarnation, Nolan’s Batman universe played with conventions and created a fable that was as much about fear, mortality and the duality of man than it was about fighting crime dressed as a bat. And then, in Heath Ledger’s Joker from 2008’s The Dark Knight, you truly had a villain for the ages.

Here is a complete breakdown of what we saw at this year’s E3 from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.