The Last of Us keeps all eyes on the PS3 a little longer with huge first week sales.

Now that Downey Jr.’s contract is up after Iron Man 3 hit theatres, Marvel will want to keep the gravy train rolling along as much as possible.

As part of Sony’s commitment to gamers, online multiplayer on their consoles has always been free. Up until now, as they’ve just announced that using online multiplayer on PS4 will cost gamers money.

Nintendo is giving people the option to share Miiverse posts with others on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Google+.

Prepare to be transported back to a nostalgic world of amazing graphics, insane gameplay and big bad bosses that spoke to you before trying to blow you out of the skies …

New member Scotty Dunn takes a stab at identifying the problems with the XBOX One

SOE plans to bring DCUO and PS2 to their new PS4. Too many acronyms? Read more to find out what it all means?

With the summer fast approaching it’s become time for hardware and computer companies to start gearing up for the large base of gamers out there looking for something to to. Razer has a definite shot at being one of the winners with this new beauty.

Check out the catchy, summery sound from SHY NATURE, a band from London on the verge of a great new album release.

Take a look at these impressive artistic pieces inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire and the Game of Thrones tv show!

Random Access Memories has debuted at #1 on charts all over the world. It is the fourth studio album from French electronic dance duo Daft Punk.

If you have God of War: Ascension, head to your PS3 now and get the demo for The Last of Us!

Beat the heat and stay inside to play with your dragon. In this case, the dragon is in beta form, so be a little forgiving.