Just before the drop of her new single this month called “Applause,” Lady Gaga finds herself back in the spotlight … but where has she been for the past few months? In a recent interview with WWD, Lady Gaga bears it all about her hip surgery that forced her to cancel her tour.

It’s rather surprising how many movie posters look exactly the same, and how many give moviegoers a sense of Déjà vu.

There are many factors that hurt the Wii U’s sales when it first launched. Nintendo, however, blames the Wii U’s slow start on the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to Apple TV and Roku? Well, Google might have just what you need. Its called Chromecast and it will only set you back $35.

Sony sets the record straight by confirming that the PS4 will record the past 15 minutes of your gameplay automatically.

Watch as Electro awakens with a menacing look, in true villainous fashion.

Nintendo is offering a great deal that could net you $30 in free eShop credit. All you have to do is purchasee Fire Emblem Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV on the 3DS.

Google looks to be getting serious with its plans to bring Google Glass mainstream by buying a huge stake in Himax Display.

From the heatwaves of when you were younger to the barbeques that you already have planned for the remaining summer months, the perfect summer anthem can make or break a get together in this kind of weather, so sit back, enjoy the rays and let us give you our recommendations for the best summer albums in our multi-part series.

Sometimes all a system needs is one killer game to boost sales. For the Wii U, that game has proven to be Pikmin 3 with sales for the Wii U doubling week on week in Japan.

How much do you want your gaming console to know about you? Do you want it to know how much you are sweating while playing games? Well, this was an idea that Sony considered adding to their PS4 controllers.

Mobile phones, we all have them but just how safe are they? For one 23-year-old stewardes, her iPhone 5 turned out to be the death of her.

One of the most popular conferences of the year, Comic-con, is happening this weekend. This year, however, it is not just going to be about comics but video games as well. This is thanks to the fact that Nintendo has setup a booth to show off some of its new games.

Boxing movies are made all the time in Hollywood, and they’re nearly always Oscar bait. Actors see a boxing film as an opportunity to train like an animal and be completely immerse in a character’s world when they have to play a boxer.

James Cameron is the movie equivalent of the Klitschko Brothers. The two heavyweight boxing brothers have held all the major world titles for years, destroying all in their wake. Cameron has done the same thing with the global box office. His movie one-two of Avatar and Titanic have been at the top of the heavyweight box office rankings since they were released in 2009 and 1997 respectively.

Ben Wheatley is a very interesting British filmmaker. In a few short years, he has managed to make the gangster film interesting again (Down Terrace), the crazy British horror film cool again (Kill List) and cross Natural Born Killers with the National Trust (Sightseers). Suffice to say, people took notice when they heard that his new film A Field in England was to be about a group of soldiers who find themselves in a remote field during the English civil war. Nobody was expecting campfires and sing-alongs. This is a Ben Wheatley film.

As Grand Theft Auto V gears up for its September release, Rockstar has switched the hype temperature to fever pitch with this brand new GTA V gameplay trailer.

Disney fails to strike box office gold over the July 4th weekend as “The Lone Ranger” flops. Unfortunately for Disney, this is not the only movie that lost money for them this summer.

Pandora has just launched a new update for iOS devices. This update includes bug fixes, an auto-pause feature and event “stutter free” playback.