Nintendo has a busy day as they announced the new 2DS, a price cut to their Wii U home console and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD bundle.

Reports suggest that Hollywood power couple Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are calling it quits. This news comes after they have been married for more than 13 years.

Christian Bale is out and Ben Affleck is in as the new Batman. Despite the fact that Ben has played a superhero before, Batman fans do not seem to be very excited about Warner Bros. choice as the new face of Batman.

“The Butler” continues to dominate in the Box Office with “We’re the MIllers” following close behind. New movies like “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” however, did not fair so well.

In the first time in a long time, Yahoo is giving Google a run for its money. This news comes to light as Yahoo was finally able to pass Google in total unique pageviews. Apparently Yahoo’s CEO is achieving her goal of reinventing the Yahoo name.

Sony announces the release date for the PS4 during Gamescom, and what games the system will launch with. Sony has also announced that the PS Vita is getting a price drop.

Online retail giant Amazon recently went offline for under an hour. Although this does not seem like a long time, it may have cost the company close to $1 million.

The PS4 is almost here but that does not mean that Sony is done with the PS3. In order to sell more units before the big PS4 launch, Sony has released another model PS3. This one only costs $199.99, but that small price tag comes with a few missing features.

“Call of Duty: Ghosts” is coming out this November and people still have plenty of questions about it. However, no one is really asking about the story but about the online multiplayer. Activision just recently covered all the new online features in a press release.

GameStop has now been accused of re-releasing the rare Wii game, “Xenoblade Chronicles” at an inflated pre-owned price of $90. Gamers are now questioning GameStop’s whole used game practice.

BlackBerry is losing its footing in the world of smartphones. it is trying everything it can to stay current. However, its latest operating system has yet to catch on. In order to keep its dying user base, BlackBerry has released a new phone sporting an old OS.

When people think of phones, they usually think of two operating systems: Android and iOS. Of course, it is hard to blame people who think this way because the market is dominated by these two operating systems. It now appears, Read more…

The single biggest issue with online multiplayer components of games, after the overbearing problem of server LAG or the prevalence of bugs (and the lack of patches released to fix them) is the issue of trolling.

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The big budget summer blockbuster may have started with Jaws in 1975, but nearly 40 years later, the excitement is on the wane, and the popcorn is beginning to taste sour rather than sweet. The “franchise” film now dominates the Read more…

There are some films that split audiences right down the middle and have the power to provoke heated debates on both sides. Nicolas Winding-Refn’s latest film, ONLY GOD FORGIVES, is the latest film to join that list.

The Xbox One has a lot of features to offer gamers. However, it now appears that most of those features come at a price. We already knew you had to pay to play online, but apparently you can not even use the record feature unless you have a Xbox LIve Gold account.

Thanks to a Twitter post by Sylvester Stallone, we now know that he and Bruce Willis has had some kind of falling out. On Twitter Stallone said that Willis will not be in “The Expendables 3,” but Harrison Ford will be.

Sony’s Vita is struggling to find itself in a hand held gaming market that is dominated by Nintendo’s 3DS. Despite this, Sony tries to keep Vita owners happy with a new update that provides users with new features.

The parent company of Atlus, Index Corporation, has filed for bankruptcy. So what does this mean for Atlus? Experts expect that the popular game developer will be sold off, and it looks like Sega, Nintendo and Sony are the most likely to buy it.