Valve looks to take over your living room with SteamOS. This is a Steam oprating system that will be free for developers to use. In short, we are likely going to see a lot of Steam dedicated systems released in the coming months.

Everyone always talks about Miley and her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. However, there was a guy up on the stage too. A guy who is married. How does his wife feel about this performance?

Watch out iPad, there is a new Kindle in town. The new Fire HDX is not only running on a Snapdragon, but it has twice as much memory as the previous Fire tablet that was released. All of this for a very attractive price tag.

Burger King tries to clean up its “unhealthy” image by offering fries that have 30 percent fewer calories and have 40 percent less fat.

Very soon, we will see the launch of the Xbox One and the PS4. With the launch of a new system, people always become interested in the life (and death) of systems of the past. So today, we are going to talk about the history of the Sega Saturn.

BlackBerry wants to try and stay popular in an ever changing world by releasing its most popular service, BlackBerry Messenger, to other phone operating systems. However, the roll out of this service has now been delayed.

Just because the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be coming to an end very soon, does not mean these systems are dead. This was made vary apparent thanks to the successful launch off “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Sony has not had the best luck with launching systems. The PS3 was slow to get started and the Vita is still struggling. However, this is a problem that Sony says the PS4 is “not allowed” to have.

Ben Affleck has shocked the world by accepting the role of Batman. Despite all of the backlash that he has received for doing this role, he said that he is a big boy and he can take it. Either way, some of the comments were still hard to swallow.

Nintendo is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry, and you cannot gain a status like that without having a few hits under your belt. However, most people are not aware just how many hits Nintendo has had, and just how successful these hits have been. So here are the top 10 selling Nintendo games of all time.

J.K Rowling is all set to take us on another fantastic journey through her fantasy world of Harry Potter. This time around, however, Harry Potter wont be the star.

The Summer of 2015 will prove to be a huge year for Hollywood as a number of blockbusters are set to be release. This includes the fourth installment of the Jurassic Park saga and the squeal to The Avengers.

Facebook tries to hang in the limelight by following Twitter’s lead. They are doing this by adding hashtags and real-time conversations to their site.

Sony drops bombs on the Tokyo Game Show by announcing Vita TV and the Vita 2000. Both of which had never been previously announced.

PayPal has been around for a while, and when it first came about, no one could have foreseen that it would grow into what it has become today. That being said, PayPal is still looking to expand even further. Now Read more…

If there’s one game that almost every gamer, regardless of platform knows how to play, it’s the waiting game. We sit and wait for days on the latest info from our most awaited titles and for consoles? Even more so, Read more…

Check out this awesome chart detailing every single feature you could possibly want to compare between the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4

Rumor has it that Jack Nicholson is retiring from acting. The unnamed source says that his departure is due to memory problems.

Microsoft confirms that the Xbox One will not support extremal storage at launch. The feature will come later but they are not sure when.

Target set to enter the digital movie and TV show world. They will do this by launching their own service called Target Ticket, which will be very similar to VUDU offered by Walmart.