It may feel like it, but the Kindle is not the only choice you have when it comes to e-readers. The Nook is still around and there is a new model for you to choose from.

Have you ever wanted to design your own cell phone? Well, Motorola may soon be able to offer you that chance. Unlike other phone manufactures like Apple, you will be able to custom build your own phone.

There are lots of movies that are awesome just because they’re weird, and they’re well worth a watch, under the right conditions.

Nvidia announces a new update that gives their Shield hand held gaming device the ability to play Android Jelly Bean games, as well as the ability to use a new mode called GameStream.

Chris Brown finds himself in trouble yet again for assault. This time, however, he was not accused of hitting a female but getting into a fight with a man while trying to take a picture with two females. He was still on probation for assaulting Rihanna.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse for Pokémon fans lately.

The CW is known as the network in dead last. It is filled with teen dramas and lighter fare, but this new fall season has seen a boom for the network, and that boom is centered on Tuesday nights. Supernatural Read more…

Lady Gaga is not known for doing things the “normal” way, but maybe that is a good thing because it has always worked for her. Well, the promotion of her new album is not different. Every time she announces a new single, she promotes it in a rather … odd way.

What happened? Are the boys finally getting too old? Is running a Broadway show on the side proving too much? Were they simply stuck in summer vacation mode still?

Think you can slip one past Nintendo and use their characters without their permission, you better think again! One college student has learned this the hard way after making his own Super Mario Bros. game and posting it on the Internet.

Apple may have made tablets famous, but Microsoft is looking to make them “better.” That being said, Apple is looking to improve their own tablets by … borrowing a few ideas from the Microsoft Surface.

YouTube sees the number of people viewing its videos increase on mobile devices. At this rate, PC viewers will be in the minority in just a few years.

Star Wars Episode 7 is on the way, but fans have not yet received much in the way of official news on the project yet.

While filming his latest Transformers movie, Michael Bay was attacked by two men in Hong Kong. One of these men was wielding an air conditioner.

Watch Dogs promised to be one of the hottest games of the year. However, now it appears that Ubisoft has delayed it. Was this due to the game needing some finally tuning or did they not think the game would stack up well against other blockbuster games this holiday season?

Nintendo has proven the gaming experts wrong again by showing the Wii U is not dead in the water. Thanks to the release of the Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle, sales for the system have spiked. Of course, this has all been helped by the fact that you get the system and a game for the low price of $299.

Netflix is looking to challenge cable services like HBO by adding their own service into the mix. However, this deal is still at the starting gate.

Just because the Xbox One will be released soon does not mean that Microsoft is giving up on the Xbox 360. In fact, Microsoft has announced that there will be three new bundles for the Xbox 360 this holiday season.

The Acer C720 specs have been released! The question is now: Is this Chromebook worth your hard earned cash?