The Nokia Lumia 1520 is one of the biggest phones on the market at 6-inchs. The question is: How big is too big?

Jack White is a man of many talents and ambitions. After more than  two decades of work in the rock industry, it’s  fair to say he has quite the repertoire, and the associated acts list on his Wikipedia page is Read more…

Rockstar sett to take on the mobile world with an iOS and Android based “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” How will the game play on your phone?

Nintendo is finally getting back on track thanks to the release of two games from two of its most popular franchises, Mario and Zelda. Find out how these two games help turn things around for the Big N this holiday season.

Just like Sony, Microsoft has had some problems with its latest console. According to reports, some Xbox One systems have disc drive problems. This makes them unable to read game discs.

The Xbox One has finally launched and it sold like crazy just like the PS4. gaming critics had first believed that the PS4 was going to blow the Xbox One out of the water. However, now that does not look like it is going to be the case.

The Vita TV is out in Japan. However, before you go and try to import it to North America, there are a few things that you should know!

The Xbox One launches tomorrow! Microsoft is hoping to make a few last second sales by saying that the console is not just for core gamers, but for families as well. the real question is: Is anyone buying it?

During the last Nintendo Direct, a huge announcement was made. According to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, the company plans to update the 3DS to support Nintendo Network IDs, which works much in the same way as a gamer tag does Read more…

The PS4 is off to a great start as far as sales go. Of course, things might not be so great considering the fact that a number of PS4 systems are reportedly not working. On top of that, the Xbox One launches this Friday!

The PS4 has launched, but just because you buy it, does not mean it is going to work. A number of PS4 owners have been saying that their console is bricked. Put short, they are out $400, and their PS4 is nothing more than a huge paperweight.

Well, rumour has it that the new season of GoT is currently being shot. The air date is aimed for spring 2014; that’s roughly 140 days away. Wouldn’t it be fun to make waiting just THAT much harder?

What is the best way to protect something? Put it in a tank of sharks of course! At least, that is what Microsoft did with their very first Xbox One.

Just because the Xbox One has lowered pre-order sales than the PS4, does not mean that Ubisoft is worried about it. This company, which counts on other hardware companies moving a lot of units for it to sell its games on, says it thinks both systems are going to sell well.

Ever wonder what takes up the most traffic on the internet? Well, according to a new report it is Netflix! In fact, the only other website that comes close in terms of traffic is YouTube. Together, these two websites make up over half of all internet traffic.

Miley Cyrus knows how to stay in the spotlight. This time she gave another questionable performance during the MTV EMAs. People were shocked to see her twerking with a dwarf and smoking a joint on stage.

Last week, one of the most important musicians of the last couple centuries passed away. Instead of thinking about that sad death, let’s look a little at Lou Reed’s life.