Ben Affleck Responds to Bad Batman Comments on the Jimmy Fallon Show


Awhile back, it was announced by us and other media sites that Ben Affleck will be the next Batman. This was met with a lot of criticism all over the internet. Very few people had anything good to say about Affleck playing the Dark Knight. That being said, Affleck himself has not had much to say on the matter. Well, he recently opened up about it on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

To start with, Affleck said that the studio and director were warning him about the backlash before it even happen. They said that very few actors are ever liked when they are first announced for the role. So Affleck was already expecting the fan boy backlash before it even happened.

Of course, the studio does have a good point. Most of the other actors who have been cast as Batman have received a lot of backlash, and it knew that Affleck would be no different. After all, Ben has to follow the amazing Batman performance that has been given by Christian Bale.

Affleck started off by telling Jimmy Fallon that he was even skeptical about taking the role. He said that he is not 25 anymore. Are they sure they really want him? However, Affleck had already won over the heart of Zack Snyder, who is the director of the movie.

Affleck, who is 41, did eventually accept the role. This is when Warner Bros. warned him that there would be trying times ahead. However, Affleck told them that he was a big boy. He can take the criticism because he is tough.

That being said, he was still pretty shocked when he saw some of the comments. For example, he came across an article about him being the next Batman, and he just could not help himself but to check the comments. The very first comment was just: “Nooooooooooooo!” After that, he said he figured he should stop reading the comments.

In the end, Ben said that he is not worried about the comments. He says that he just wants everyone to give him a chance and judge him after he plays the role. After all, he has not even made a movie as Batman yet and everyone is sure it is going to be bad. So let’s see how he does. After all, there have been worst people who played Batman in the past.