Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be in Guardians of the Galaxy

In the James Gunn directed film scheduled to launch sometime in 2014, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has joined the short list to take on the role of Quill, the Guardians leader.

guardians of the galaxy comic con concept
Comic Con concept

The upcoming Marvel film and potential new blockbuster series will feature the Marvel comic storyline Guardians of the Galaxy, a superhero team that originated way back in 1969 from creators Arnold Drake and Gene Colan – both landmark comic book artists known for making such great characters as Deadman, Daredevil, and Howard the Duck.

With the addition of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the short list for the actors who could possibly play Peter Quill (aka Star Lord), the leader of the Guardians, grows more exciting. Quill is part of a group of powerful superheroes that are tasked with one simple job: protect the galaxy from an evil alien race determined to make like miserable for all.

peter quill star lord
Star Lord

Since it isn’t unheard of for the Guardians to join ranks with The Avengers, there are plenty of possibilities to cross-promote the two franchises (although Universal makes The Avengers movies at the moment and this will be a Disney film). The only other hiccup with using Gordon-Levitt is his role in the latest Batman movie.

joseph gordon-levitt guardians of the galaxy
But the Christopher Nolan trilogy is done… right?

At the very least, Disney can get people excited about space and sci-fi in order to prime fans for the eventual release of Star Wars: Episode Seven.