Michael Bay Attacked with Air Conditioner while Filming the Latest Transformers Movie


The life of a movie director is not an easy one, or at least it is not for Michael Bay. Reports from police show that Bay was recently attacked by two men while he was filming the next installment in his Transformer movie franchise. According to these reports, the assault happened in Hong Kong with an air conditioner.

Police in Hong Kong say that Bay was approached by two brothers while filming his Transformer movie. The brothers told Bay that he needed to hand over $13,000. When Bay refused to hand over the money, the oldest brother started to attack him with an air conditioner. When the local police tried to step in, the brothers attempted to attack them as well.

After the assault was finished, both of the brothers were arrested. Both have been charged with assault, and the younger brother was also charged on the suspicion of blackmail. Although the Hong Kong police say that Bay suffered injuries to the right side of his head, Bay refused to seek any kind of medical treatment. A spokesperson for Bay later said that the director did not receive any kind of injury from the assault.

The spokesperson went on to say that one of the men who attacked him was wielding an air conditioning unit. The spokesperson said that this is one of those stories that is just too bizarre to even make up. It was the air conditioning unit that the eldest brother attempted to swing at Bay’s head. The director was able to duck out of the way of the air conditioner, which would have really caused injury had it hit him. The security team onsite quickly stepped in to subdue the brothers.

This just goes to show you that you never know what kind of crazy people you will run into while traveling. Some of them may even be wielding air conditioners and trying to use them as weapons.