“The Butler” Continues to Dominate the Box Office for a Second Week

The Butler Thumb

It was another big week at the box office, at least it was for Lee Daniels’ movie, “The Butler.” Lee Daniels is best known for directing 2009 acclaimed drama “Precious.” Now he is proving that his movies are box office gold with the success of “The Butler.”

This is the second weekend that “The Butler” has been out. This past weekend, the movie was able to bring in more than $17 million in sales. This pushes its total to more than $52 million. This makes “The Butler” Mr Daniels’ most successful movie ever released in North America.

“The Butler,” which was released by The Weinstein Co., stars Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker. Sales for the movie only fell 31 percent in its second week, which is actually very good in terms of movie sales. This successful second week has already caused this new film to surpass the $47 million that “Precious” was able to bring in.

So why has this movie been so much more successful? According to Daniels, this has to do with the fact that the movie has appealed to white moviegoers. In fact, Caucasians actually made up 55 percent of the movie’s opening weekend audience. Of course, a lot of people also believe that this movie has been a hit due to its leading lady, Oprah Winfrey. She has a huge following, and it is believed that a lot of people went to see the movie just because she is in it.

The president of distribution at The Weinstein Co., Erik Lomis, said that there are some movies that just cause a great reaction. This is one of those movies, and word of mouth is spreading about this film. This is why it continued to have a good second week. Usually, movies trail off after the first week because the people who really want to see it have already gone to do so.

The company also thinks that the success of this movie has gone to its popularity with the younger crowd. During the first week, just over 75 percent of the people who purchased tickets were actually over the age of 25. This number decreased in the second week to just over 60. This means that younger movie-goers are now interested in this movie as well.

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Of course, “The Butler” was not the only movie that continues to do well in the box office. The rated R raunchy comedy “We’re the Millers” only fell 25 percent in its third weekend to claim the number 2 spot. This offbeat comedy starring Jennifer Aniston has already grossed over $92 million. The movie is expected to clear the $100 million mark in the coming weeks.

New Line is extremely happy with the success of not only “We’re the Millers,” but also with “The Conjuring.” The intense horror film was able to clear $200 million in the box office. Combine that with the success of “We’re the Millers,” and New Line and its parent company Warner Bros. have been doing very well for themselves. The profit margins on both of these films were good considering it only cost $37 million to make “We’re the Millers” and $20 million to make “The Conjuring.”

Other new releases did not fair so good. The movie “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” was only able to bring in $9.3 million over the weekend. The movie is based on a supernatural young-adult book series that goes by the same name. The film cost more than $60 million to make, and it starred Lily Collins, who plays a demon-hunting teen.