Are you excited for The Elder Scrolls Online yet?

If you aren’t already, you will be!

Gamers are now able to try out for beta testing of Elder Scrolls Online, but not everyone gets in, and no one gets in immediately. If you’re on the waiting list, they ask you to check out the website, as well as ESO’s Twitter feed and Facebook page while you wait for acceptance. Of course, if you’re on the waiting list, you’d already be fairly excited to get to play the MMORPG, and any research you could do will just make waiting harder.

There are over 50 videos, screencaps and news articles pertaining to the upcoming game, so at least any impatient fans would be able to stay occupied. There’s also lore, and explanations of races and alliances that we will see in ESO.


There are three alliances to pick from, each with its own lore, ruler, and races. The Daggerfall Covenant have the Breton, who have an extensive grasp of magic, the Redguard, who are athletic warriors, and the Orcs, who have brute strength on their side. The Ebonheart Pact consists of Nords, strong warriors, the intelligent Dark Elves, and Argonians, guerrilla warfare experts. Meanwhile, the Aldmeri Dominion has High Elves, a very cultured race, Khajiit, who are fearsome fighters, and Wood Elves, who are skilled archers.

Everyone’s favourite races are included, and there’s a race for everyone. Though it seemed there was a lack of information about the Kajhiit as a race; the website mostly explained their recent history. Which is a tease for anyone who tends to play as one … *cough* me *cough*.

Customization of looks is going to be even better than in Skyrim (where you could choose your cheek colour and height, so it’ll be interesting to see how they could add to that). Prepare to lose yourself to Tamriel.


Speaking of Tamriel, the screencaps of the world look beautiful. It’s a vast world you can roam, combining many different lands from different games. All of Tamriel will be at your disposal to plunder and venture across, from the massive forests of Grahtwood to the sandy terrain of Alik’r Desert. Plus, unlike other MMO’s, Elder Scrolls Online will not have servers – everyone will be running around in the same world. This adds realism to boot, but it also means you don’t have to stress about getting onto the same server as your friends. Thank goodness the world will be colossal — it’s going to be very, very full.

So far thousands have been invited to try the beta, though developers admit that it isn’t great yet – hence beta testing. They don’t want to let too many gamers see the game before it’s great, or even good, but millions have signed up to give the beta a try. Clearly, fans think Tamriel is cute even before it puts its make-up on.


To keep you occupied while waiting for its release on April 4th, there are weekly fan art collections. You can read fanfics, look at beautiful pictures, and fun fansite articles to keep your interest piqued. There’s also an interactive map, which gives you pictures of the lands, lore from books – nothing new to fans of Skyrim and Oblivion – and asides from characters like travelling merchants and hunters. Fans can also ask the developers anything, and questions are answered pretty much every week. Bethesda knows how to keep its audience hyped.


You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even Pinterest to keep up to date. And, of course, get email newsletters. Let’s none of us speak of the possibility that the game might get postponed. It’d never happen … right?

A price for monthly subscriptions hasn’t been set yet, though of course the game itself will be $59.99.

Something tells me most fans won’t care how much a monthly subscription will cost, though.