Debut GTA V Gameplay Trailer has Cops, Characters, and Custom Cars

The signature of any quality console game worth its stupendously high development budget is the fervour that it can produce. Just how rabid will everyone get, slavering over tasty morsels of info that we’re given and just how far will gamers go to get their hands on a few lines of a written preview or a simple screenshot merely showing off landscape visuals. One franchise of games that succeeds in doing this time and time again, is Grand Theft Auto and as the next game, One franchise of games that succeeds in doing this time and time again, is Grand Theft Auto and as the next game, Grand Theft Auto V, gears up for its September release, Rockstar has switched the hype temperature to fever pitch with this brand new GTA V gameplay trailer.

The video itself takes much of the in game captured footage from one of those aforementioned written previews, which looked at how the three players, reformed family man Michael, ambitious gangster Franklin and stereotypical ‘hillbilly’ Trevor, took on the job of a bank heist (more on the mission itself later). What GTA V allows you to do, whether you’re in mission or in free roam mode, is switch between the three characters to catch up on what they’ve been up to. As the video shows you, this works by dropping directly in or out of the characters’ boots in Google Earth overview style. We know that this will happen almost instantaneously, although the switch will take a little longer depending on the other character’s distance away from you. It’s also worth noting that while each character has a set of skills, which can be levelled up the more you use each one, GTA V has given each character a ‘special’ ability, making them better at one thing than any of the other characters, meaning that switching between Michael, Franklin and Trevor could be vital for your success.

In terms of the mission you get to see, the bank heist on show in this GTA V trailer is just one of many, with the game apparently letting you pick and choose which heists to take on, as well as how you complete them and which other characters (other than Michael, Franklin and Trevor) that you bring along for the ride. You’ll likely use these extra characters as back up and you can pick them based on your play style as the game gives you the option to seize the loot stealthily or with all out firepower. The main plotline of the overall story has yet to be revealed but hopefully this spells out an exciting set of side missions rather than the bulk of the campaign, as the story was a big criticism of the last Grand Theft Auto game, GTA 4.

Also looked at are the other activities that you’ll be able to get up to once GTA V launches on September 17th, with brand new side offerings reflecting both real world events as well a popular feature from other games. One of these is the stock market trading in GTA V. It’s unclear how extensive this will be as the gameplay trailer only gave us a small taste, but as the game does take on the effects of the recession, you can bet that it will offer big pay-outs (or big risks) for those who want to invest time into it. Then there are the customisable cars. From the rims to the paint jobs of the over 1000 cars on offer in GTA V (according to Rockstar), it’s all up to you to decide how your ride looks.

gta v grand theft auto five

This will all look incredible too no doubt as GTA V provides what’s easily considered as the best graphics in the game’s history. What’s also interesting is that the gameplay footage was taken from the PS3 version of the game, which will be on one disc, as opposed to the Xbox 360’s two disc requirement, so that could mean that the quality dips on Microsoft’s aging, current-gen console.

We’ll keep you posted on any more new info from GTA V as the game gears up for its release.