It’s a great time to be a Pokémon fan

Everything’s coming up Milhouse for Pokémon fans lately.

It isn’t very often that the stars align, and awesome new stuff pertaining to a certain fandom comes out all at once. That’s why Pokémon fans are currently some of the luckiest people on earth.

First off, X and Y are finally here, and fans are ecstatic. A Pokémon game that looks this awesome has been a long, long time coming. And now it’s here, and it’s everything dreams are made of.

These are the games that will turn the Pokémon franchise on its head. There are mini-games that make boosting your Pokémons’ EV’s fun. The world is more engaging and realistic than ever. The traditional quest to catch ’em all has been taken to new levels of awesome, and these games are guaranteed to provide hundreds of hours of entertainment. Since the early 90’s, Pokémon fans have yearned for a Pokémon adventure of this magnitude. Game Freak has done an amazing job of reeling us back in to the games’ world. A lot of fans have laid dormant, waiting for a Pokémon game that goes beyond what all the others have offered before.


Now fans are holed up in their rooms, making friends with their Pokémon through awesome mini-games, levelling up to take on Team Flare, which is really just Team Rocket with a very dark purpose, and completing a Pokédex filled with 718 Pokémon — some new, and some old. It’s an exciting time for new fans, old fans, those who gave up on the franchise, and hey, even bandwagoners.

Just to hype up the new Pokémon games even more, a couple weeks ago, two different versions of the 3DS XL were released — one red and one blue, and both with Xerneas and Yveltal on the front. Since fans are already excited, it’s a great marketing move: reminding everyone that X and Y are right around the corner, and displaying just how awesome the legendaries look, for anyone who has doubts. It’s also just plain awesome for fans. It’s the perfect idea to get everyone extra-pumped for X and Y.


And then there’s Pokémon: The Origin. Also known as the single most amazingly beautiful marketing ploy ever. Pokémon: The Origin is a very high-quality TV special. It’s an anime retelling of the original Pokémon games, Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. It was released in Japan ten days before the games were released.

See, not only is it clever, because it’s getting game fans extra-hyped by reminding them of past games they enjoyed and hinting at things to come in X and Y (like mega Charizard!).


Pokémon: The Origin is, like X and Y, what Pokémon fans have wanted for a long, long time. Yes, when fans were kids, the anime everyone knows so well was glorious. It was funny and had little life lessons and the Pokémon were awesome. It didn’t hold up particularly well for a maturing audience, though, especially for anyone who picked up a Pokémon manga. Red has a much stronger bond with his Pokémon than Ash, his Poliwhirl/Wrath is much less annoying than Ash’s Pikachu, Blue isn’t some obnoxious little kid, Pokémon can actually die in battle… once you learn these things, it’s hard to go back to Ash’s silly adventures.

Now Pokémon fans don’t have to. Unfortunately, The Origin is only a couple hours long, and there’s no English dub yet, but that’s okay, because it’s still glorious. The animation is movie-quality, there are top-notch directors for every episode, there’s a freakin’ fight between Mewtwo and Charizard… and the music is an update of old classics most of the time.

With all this to have a fan-freak-out over, you can expect your Pokémon-loving friends to fall off the face of the earth for a while. Just be a pal, and try to make sure they make it into work at least once a week.