Microsoft says Very First Xbox One is under Guard by Sharks … Literally

xbox one e3 stand thumb

What is the best way to protect something that you do not want stolen? Maybe put it in a safe? Hide it someplace where no one will look? How about putting it in a tank with 20 sand tiger sharks? Well that is what Microsoft has done in an attempt to “protect” the very first Xbox One that is to be sold.

Microsoft says that the very first Xbox One is going to be sold to a lucky person from New Zealand. To protect this Xbox One, Microsoft went to the extreme and is keeping it in a tank of water that is protected by hungry sand tiger sharks. The console itself is being stored in a water-tight case. It has been weighted down so that it sits right at the bottom of this tank, which is being hosted by Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium.

Assuming no one is able to steal this Xbox One, it will be the first console sold during a midnight launch party. Of course, it will not be the “first” Xbox One sold. Thanks to an error with a distributor, some Xbox One consoles have already been shipped out. Microsoft confirmed that it was only a handful of consoles, but either way, this shark-protected Xbox One has lost the honor of being the very first Xbox One sold.

Obliviously, this is a publicity stunt by Microsoft. Why else would someone really go through all of the trouble to gather up 20 sharks to protect a gaming console? Luckily for Microsoft, it worked. This topic has been making headlines around the world. At the very least, it has helped get the name of the Xbox One in new headlines a little bit more. Like they say … all news is good news.

Of course, this is not the first stunt like this that Microsoft has pulled. For example, when the PS3 launched, Microsoft rented out big buildings next to some of the stores doing midnight launches and told people that they should wait for the Xbox 360. It also put a giant Xbox One in Vancouver; inside was a man who was dressed up like the hero from Dead Rising 3. Microsoft than released a bunch of actors that were dressed up as zombies, and crowds of people watched as the man “took them down.” He even got a little help from the people in the audience.

These are just cheesy attempts for Microsoft to grab your attention. However, it worked because these attempts were just edgy enough to get people to pay attention. Alright Sony, it is your move! What are you going to do to top a zombie invasion and a tank full of 20 sharks? Luckily for Nintendo, they have already launched, so they can just sit back and watch these two hash it out.

Sony’s PS4 launches today, and the Xbox One launches next Friday. So which one do you plan on getting?