Nokia Lumia 1520 Offers 6-inch Screen


Have you ever wanted your phone to be bigger? Maybe like the size of a small tablet? Well, Nokia is giving you that chance. At the recent Nokia World event that took place in Abu Dhabi, Nokia showed off its Lumia 1520. This Windows-based phone is extremely impressive from the moment you look at it. That is due to its huge 6-inch touch-screen display.

Of course, the phone has more to offer than just a huge screen. It also comes with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. It uses this power to run the latest Window Phone 8 operating system. Due to the large full-HD display, you are able to use three columns on the phone instead of just two. This allows you to get more of your favorite Windows apps on the front screen. In fact, the screen is so large that you might get all of your apps on the screen with no need to scroll up or down.

Do not expect to get this phone at a cheap price, however. It is expected to hit stores on December 14 for the high price of $797. Of course, this is the full retail price. It is likely that you can get the phone a bit cheaper if you get it with a 2-year contract from your mobile service provider. T-Mobile is one of the service providers that will have this phone.

The real question is if the Lumia 1520 is too big. The screen of the phone is 6 inches. Just holding this thing looks large. It is almost as if this is a phone that is not designed to be a phone. It is designed more for looking at pictures and playing games. At some point, however, don’t we just want a phone that can make phone calls? Holding this huge tablet-looking phone up to your face may seem over the top.

Phone manufacturers have to remember that there is only so much “real estate” a person has on his or her body, and there are only so many pockets for people to carry things in. If you’re a guy, you likely have your wallet, phone and keys with you at all times. If you’re a gamer on top of that, you might even be carrying your hand held gaming device with you. Do you have enough room on you to carry this 6-inch phone instead of your current one? Will a 6-inch phone even fit into your pocket? These are questions that all consumers have to ask themselves.