PS4 Beating Xbox One 2 to 1 on eBay


Both the Xbox One and PS4 have been out for a few weeks now, and it is time to check in to see how they are doing. Both systems had killer launches, but that was to be expected. After all, the really diehard fans that were going to buy one of these systems one way or another had them pre-ordered.

Both systems have already passed the 1 million market, and they did so with little problem. However, the PS4 continues to sell well, while the Xbox One has started to see its numbers fall. To make matters worse, the Xbox systems do not sell well in Japan. However, PlayStation systems do, and the PS4 has not even been release there yet.

Baird Equity Research, who has been tracking the sales of the both systems, said that the PS4 has been killing the Xbox One on eBay. In fact, there seems to be around 65,000 PS4 systems sold and just 33,000 Xbox One systems sold on eBay alone. The first week of the PS4’s launch saw around 10,000 systems sold. The opening week of the Xbox One only saw 7,000. For people who want to compare this, the Xbox 360 sold around 40,000 systems within the first month on eBay. So it does not look like the Xbox One is going to hit that mark.

Of course, the Xbox One has a lot of things working against it. First, most people do not think that the Xbox One ever got past its bad E3 showing. Although Microsoft changed a lot of the things that people did not like about the Xbox One, the damage had been done. This damage is now showing up in sales figures.

Another thing working against the Xbox One is its terrible price point compared to the other systems on the market. It costs a full $100 more than the PS4 and at least $150 more than a Wii U. Plus, the Wii U bundle comes with a free game worth $60. Needless to say, the Xbox One comes across looking like a pricy box that has few launch games and a bad rap.

The real reason why the Xbox One is going to have a hard time catching the PS4 is because of how well PlayStation systems sell in Japan. American consoles like the Xbox and Xbox 360 have not done well in Japan. There is no reason to believe that the Xbox One will do much better. Nintendo and Sony have a firm lock on Japan, and they do not seem to be letting go anytime soon.

For now, both systems will continue to move as much supply as they put out. However, as the hardcore crowd finally gets their hands on these systems, the real test will be which system can win over some of the more casual market or win over some of the people who would not typical buy video game systems. The lineup of games these systems put out in 2014 will play a huge role in this. The Wii U has a stunning lineup for 2014, so let’s see what the Xbox One and PS4 have in the pipeline.