Rockstar Announces Features of “Grand Theft Auto V” Online


The Grand Theft Auto games have always been known as single player experiences. Sure, there have been some local co-op missions in the past, but overall, the series has not been known for its multiplayer features. Now, however, Rockstar has launched online services for “Grand Theft Auto V,” the latest game in the franchise. To help people understand this service better, Rockstar released a statement that details the features of this online service.

Rockstar started off by saying that “Grand Theft Auto V” is free to play online after you purchase the game. In order to unlock the online mode, you will have to download an update. The online service will be available for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Now, let’s get down to the details!

“Grand Theft Auto V” online takes place a few months before the events of the single player campaign. Thus, playing online is not going to ruin the story for you. The online service can be accessed on the main game menu. In fact, you can access the online feature in the bottom slot of your character wheel.

The way that “Grand Theft Auto V” online works is simple. You can send out a “house party invitation” to their specific friends. These friends are then able to visit your in-game house. The reason why Rockstar went with an invite system is because it did not want people to fear that unauthorized visitors would come to their houses and steal their stuff. After all, no one wants to have to steal the car of their dreams just to have it stolen from them.

Another cool feature is the ability to exchange property with your friends. In the game lobby, you are able to exchange items or even sell your items to other users. Of course, Rockstar did say that it did not want the purchasing of items to give those players a leg up on the players who do not use this feature.

After you are done trading stuff and showing off your house, you are able to take jobs with your online friends. Rockstar said that there will be a massive amount of jobs that will be available over time. A creator tool will also be out this fall, which will allow players to make their own custom races and death match jobs.

Rockstar really wants to give something back to all of the people who purchase this game. It said that it will be working very hard to make this online service the best that it can be. The developer will even be adding more server capacity as time goes on because of how popular the game has been. Let’s just hope that Rockstar adds a lot of server capacity considering the fact that the game sold more than $1 billion in just three days.