Sony Says the PS4 is Simply Not Allowed to Fail

sony ps4 hardware

When Sony announced the PS4 at this year’s E3, it was greeted by a lot of cheers. This is a good thing for Sony since it says that the PS4 is simply not allowed to fail. Sony said that its gaming sector is a core business for the company now, and having it making a loss is simply not an option.

This, of course, explains a lot about E3. When Sony announced its system at the expo, it came out guns blazing. It attacked Xbox One by releasing a price that was $100 cheaper and removed all off the features that people did not like about the Xbox One, such as the inability to play used games. Now the question is if this will be enough for the PS4 to be profitable for Sony. After all, the Xbox One and the PS4 are about the same in terms of power. The Xbox One likely costs more, however, because it comes bundled with a Kinect. Either way, both companies are likely losing money on each system sold, just like Nintendo is losing money on every Wii U sold.

Both companies might have to look out for the Wii U this holiday season too. After all, with the new Wii U price drop, Nintendo is now $200 cheaper than the Xbox One and $100 cheaper than the PS4. With consumers still being strapped for cash this holiday season, it is more likely that parents are going to go for the cheaper system. This is a double threat since people can buy the Wii U for $299 with the highly anticipated game “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD.”

Andrew House, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment, said that his sector is simply not allowed to fail. This is what he said when he was talking to the popular Japanese magazine Diamond Online. He went on to say that it cannot fail because this sector is now a core section of Sony as a whole. The shareholders want to see the gaming sector of Sony start turning a huge profit. It simply cannot get started the same way the PS3 did or the way Vita did.

One thing is for sure, Sony is finally making some good money off PS3 sales. That being said, the Vita is still seen as a huge flop. Although the company has lowered the price, there are not many games to play on the system. After all, companies do not want to release their games on a hand held that is not selling. That goes double since the 3DS is selling like hotcakes. Sony needs the PS4 to get off to a huge start. Experts believe that the company does not have much to worry about from the Xbox One, but the Wii U price cut may prove to be a difficult thing to overcome. In the best case scenario, gamers will buy both a PS4 and a Wii U. However, that still leaves the Xbox One out in the cold.