Super Smash Bros. news and rumours


Let’s be honest, we all love the Smash Bros. games. Whether you remember playing the original on the N64 as a kid, playing Melee on the Gamecube at a friend’s, or even Brawling at tournaments, these games are fun.

Most of the gaming world is pretty stoked for the new game, due to be released for 3DS  and Wii U some time in 2014. There was so much hype revolving around the trailer, and there are often fun new surprises displayed on the game’s website as the countdown begins.

So far, we know for a fact that Marth, Sonic, Toon Link, Peach, Luigi, Olimar and the Pikmin, Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, and Pit will be returning. Newcomers this round will be the Wii Fit Trainer (which you can make female or male), the villager from Animal Crossing, and Megaman (oh, Capcom. Keep trying to make things right).


Generally, I think we all wish that our favourite Pokémon will somehow magically be included in the line-up. I personally always get to have embarrassingly high hopes, since mine is Raichu. With Pokémon X and Y out, there’s a fair likelihood a sixth-generation Pokémon will be included, and certainly there’ll be some fun new friends popping out of the Pokeball item. Other rumoured (let me repeat – rumoured) characters have included Ridley, Pac-Man, Shadow the Hedgehog (although I’d sooner expect him as a costume for Sonic), Little Mac, and your own Mii character. We can assume that Ness, and most likely Lucas, will eventually be added to the roster. The line-up is looking fun; the new characters are sending fans into a tizzy, and the rumoured characters are all pretty awesome.

Sakurai has noted that the main difference between the 3DS version and the Wii U version will be the stages, as the playable characters will stay the same. Looking through pictures on the official site, one can see that some of the stages will include Nintendogs and Skyloft. The graphics according to the preview pictures are incredible for the Wii U version – you can see the scales on Bowser’s leg in one shot. This doesn’t matter hugely, since the stages can often be hard to see, but it means explosions, final smashes, and Falcon Punches (assuming Captain Falcon makes a return) will be all the more awesome.


We’ll have to wait and see whether this game takes after the floaty feel of Brawl, the heavier feel of Melee, or does something brand-new (because we all have to assume it won’t follow the clunkiness of the original game). It’s been said that it will be somewhere between Brawl and Melee. Since fans of the series are often very divided over their preference between Melee’s and Brawl’s styles, trying to find a middle ground like this would no doubt be preferable, to keep as many fans happy as possible.

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