The fifth World of Warcraft expansion is coming

Prepare your wallet for Warlords of Draenor!

At BlizzCon 2013, it was announced that another expansion will be coming out for World of Warcraft. Perhaps this is a means of competing with Final Fantasy 14, which many MMO players find to be their new favourite online role-playing game. Or perhaps this is how Blizzard had it planned all along. After all, since the original World of Warcraft game came out in 2004, Blizzard has been able to put out a game for the franchise every year or two. The longest wait between WOW games was actually between the original World of Warcraft and its first sequel, The Burning Crusade, and that was only about three years.

A specific release date is yet to be determined for Warlords of Draenor, but a lot of other information has been provided. There’s also a trailer, to get players excited plot-wise, and gameplay-wise. It looks like it will be taking place in Azeroth’s past, which sounds like it’ll be fun for those who are fans of the world’s lore. It’ll fill us in with a lot of Azeroth’s history, and it’ll add depth to all the other expansions in World of Warcraft.

There’s a whole new continent to explore, with seven new zones, including one for PVP. This, of course, is Draenor. On Draenor there will be six new dungeons, hundreds of new quests, and new class talents to learn. There will also be new battlegrounds and world bosses to challenge.


Character models are getting a makeover so that they will look better and have better animation. This is a small change, but the overall look of a game is important, ultimately.

The level cap is being raised to 100, which is quite the milestone. Plus players will be able to start at level 90 to get into the PVP action immediately.


And then there are the shiny new garrisons. These you own, and they just fit into the world seamlessly. This basically sounds like a reimagining of the original Warcraft games, and they look pretty cool, with the ability to personalize them and make them uniquely your own.

Seeing how Mists of Pandaria, the last expansion, was released in 2012, Warlords can probably be expected sometime next year.