Xbox One Matches the PS4’s 1 Million Units Sold During First Day


At this year’s E3, everyone was sure that the Xbox One was going to be crushed by the PS4. There was no contest in the matter. However, after E3, Microsoft started fixing all of the things that people did not like about the system. Despite this, it never felt like the Xbox One gained a lot of traction. Polls taken around the Internet kept showing that gamers were going to choose the PS4 over the Xbox One. That being said, both consoles were able to achieve amazing first-day sales.

Two weeks ago, when Sony launched its PS4, it was able to sell 1 million units within the first 24 hours. That was an amazing achievement, and one that people assumed the Xbox One would not be able to keep up with. However, Microsoft has now announced that its first-day sales of the Xbox One reached 1 million as well. Now, we have a console war on our hands.

Microsoft says that sales for the Xbox One surpassed those of the Xbox 360. The Xbox One went on sale Friday, and most retailers have said that they are completely out of stock. Microsoft said that it is working hard to replenish its stock in stores for the holidays.

If Sony and Microsoft want to make sure that their sales numbers keep increasing at lightning-fast rates, they have to keep their stocks up throughout the holidays. Right now the hype is high and everyone wants one. However, if people go to the store and cannot find one, the hype starts to die down.

This has happened to a lot of consoles over the years. A company launches a system, and due to manufacturing errors, it does not have enough consoles to meet demand. Microsoft and Sony still have some time to get some new units out before the holiday season is over. If they can put out more units, they stand to sell a ton more before Christmas has come and gone.

Of course, things are looking up for Nintendo this Christmas as well. On November 22, it launched three huge titles to sell this holiday season. Two of these games, “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds” and “Super Mario 3D World” have received some of the best reviews of this year. This will spark more life into the Wii U and keep the 3DS hot throughout the rest of the holiday season.