Xbox One will Not Support External Storage at Launch

xbox one e3 stand thumb

The launch of the Xbox One will be here before you know. This gaming console from Microsoft has had its ups and downs. However, after removing some of the features that were unpopular, like always requiring Kinect support and no used game support, the Xbox One only has a few problems left to overcome. For the most part, the problems are limited to the bad news that has already been spread about the console. The last major problem would be the fact that it costs $100 more than the PS4 and $200 more than the Wii U, after the Wii U price cut kicks in later this month.

However, there is some more bad news on the horizon for the Xbox One. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One will not support external storage options right at launch. Some seem to think this is a big deal, and others say it is not a factor. So let’s break it down to see which side is right.

The first side of the argument says that not having external storage options at launch is a big problem. After all, even the Wii U has this feature. The argument to this is pretty simple. The Wii U had to have external storage options at launch because it only has a 32GB hard drive, and that is only if you got the deluxe model. If you got the basic model, you were stuck with 8GB, and that prevented most people from being able to download any games without some kind of external hard drive. The Xbox One, however, comes with a 500GB hard drive. This will more than likely take Xbox fans a bit more time to fill up. In short, gamers are not in danger of running out of room anytime soon, so why does this feature need to be ready at launch?

Of course, the real problem might not be the fact that this feature is not ready at launch, the problem may be the simple fact that one of the features that Microsoft claimed the Xbox One had will not be ready at launch. This method did not work out so well with Nintendo. For example, when the Wii U launched, the Nintendo TVii service was not ready yet. This upset a lot of people since it was one of the big features that Nintendo was pushing. Although the hard drive support for the Xbox One is not one of the major features that Microsoft is pushing, it is still one of the features it claims the Xbox One has. If this feature will not be ready at launch, what other features might be missing as well?

Major Nelson from Microsoft said that it is not really a big deal. In a special podcast during PAX, Nelson said that the future plan is for Microsoft to offer external storage support much like what is offered with the Xbox 360. It is his understanding that this is one of the features that will not be available right from launch. This has to do with the fact that the team is working on other, more pressing matters. This feature will be made available someday, the company just does not know when yet.

Once again, the problem is not the 500GB of internal storage that the Xbox One comes with. The problem is the fact that Microsoft announced back in March that external storage was possible via a USB 3.0 port. Now it is saying that this feature is not ready. This will more than likely not be a deal breaker for most fans, but it is just one more thing people need to keep their eye on.