Lady Gaga Promotes Music in a Weird Way by Attacking Herself

Lady gaga Thumb

Let’s face it; Lady Gaga has always made a name for herself by going against the grain. Promoting her music is no different. In fact, the singer has been promoting her “Artpop” album. She is doing this by releasing a new single every week. This week, she released “Do What U Want.” Releasing a new single every week is not a bad strategy because it keeps people interested. However, attacking yourself on social media sites like Twitter … that’s a bit odd.

The new single features R. Kelly. It was first debuted on Monday around 12.01 a.m. Not long after releasing the single, however, Lady Gaga took to Twitter to address some criticism that has been said about her. How does she do this, by saying those same things about herself, of course.

Sunday, before releasing “Do What U Want,” Lady Gaga took to Twitter with the #Do WhatUWantWithMyBody to say, “Lady Gaga is fat now!” She tweeted this message along with a photo of herself form a previous concert. The picture made its way around the Internet after some critics said that it looked like she had put on a few pounds.

Lady Gaga did not stop there, though. She went on to Tweet more things in the following days. One included a tweet that said, “Lady Gaga is a reductive Madonna copy! She’s over now!” She posted this tweet with another picture of herself wearing the same hairstyle as Madonna. The two were also wearing similar stage attire.

The singer even went as far as to touch on even more sensitive information, like the rumors that she is a hermaphrodite. These were rumors that got started a long time ago and spread across the Internet at lightning-fast speed despite the fact that no one had any proof.

When it came to the criticism she received for supporting gay rights, the singer tweeted, “God hates Lady Gaga! I’ll always fight for equality, got my own relationship with God.”

This is not the first time that Lady Gaga has used odd tactics to market her music. When she was marketing “Applause,” she debuted the song with a promo video telling all of her fans not to support the album. This may be one of the first times that an artist has told her fans to “not” buy her music.

This past Friday, Lady Gaga even released the cover art for her next album. This cover art features a blond woman that has her backside stuck up in the air, and she is wearing a thong. When talking about this, Lady Gaga said that she did not need anyone’s permission to be remembered. She said that she will be remembered whether they want her to or not.