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“Catching Fire” has been doing good in the box office and it continues to do so. However, it was recently knocked off its top spot by another movie that has been out a few weeks now … “Frozen.” The battle of fire and ice continues!

It’s rather surprising how many movie posters look exactly the same, and how many give moviegoers a sense of Déjà vu.

James Cameron is the movie equivalent of the Klitschko Brothers. The two heavyweight boxing brothers have held all the major world titles for years, destroying all in their wake. Cameron has done the same thing with the global box office. His movie one-two of Avatar and Titanic have been at the top of the heavyweight box office rankings since they were released in 2009 and 1997 respectively.

Disney fails to strike box office gold over the July 4th weekend as “The Lone Ranger” flops. Unfortunately for Disney, this is not the only movie that lost money for them this summer.

With almost every comic book franchise ever created finding its way to the big screen in some incarnation, Nolan’s Batman universe played with conventions and created a fable that was as much about fear, mortality and the duality of man than it was about fighting crime dressed as a bat. And then, in Heath Ledger’s Joker from 2008’s The Dark Knight, you truly had a villain for the ages.

Now that Downey Jr.’s contract is up after Iron Man 3 hit theatres, Marvel will want to keep the gravy train rolling along as much as possible.

Django Unchained is poised to be a big hit for Tarantino, already reveling in big bucks and good reviews.