ABC Wants You to Get Ready for the Most Interactive Oscar Night in History

oscars online interactive
James Franco and Anne Hathaway train for the Oscars

It seems like this might be the first year that an online, web streaming version of a televised event may be superior to the actual TV version. That may be the case with the 2011 Oscars, hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

ABC is putting a ton of effort into their online portal for all things Oscars and it almost seems like they had web developers and web designers working till the wee hours of the morning for months (I hope they got a break after the launch!).

One thing is for sure: the website is snazzy and is promising some oh-so pretty outstanding features. Among them: a behind-the-scenes winners cam, a 360 view of the audience, a map of the Oscars show where you can pick and choose your camera angle, and an exciting option to use a dressing room cam (sounds… useful).

Let’s have a look:

With all these different cool abilities built in, I hope a few enterprising internet visitors become their own directors and catch great angles of all the stars and famous people goofing off!

You even get to attend afterparties through the all-access pass, where you might meet Daniel Day-Lewis and finally be able to pitch that movie script you have been writing for the last 10 years!

While some of the content will be free-of-charge, you’re going to have to cough up $4.99 to be able to use some of the premium features like the 360 camera and post-Oscar bonanzas. Bummer!

But before you go and break the bank to get into the Governors Ball afterparty, make sure to catch up on all the nominees, lest you want to look like a fool!

(Yes I used the word ‘lest’ – what of it?)