Behind the Nikita finale: Craig Silverstein talks about the end


“Nikita” wrapped on CW on Friday night, and it went out with the bang that it had promised over the summer. A slow build over the first four episodes took fans to a huge episode five and six with a huge twist that fans of the series likely did not see coming. How did the series end? And what does the man in charge of the series have to say about how he wrapped this spy drama on CW?

Nikita and Alex went into action on the final episode. Nikita had to revenge Ryan’s death, and she wanted to take Amanda down at the same time. She took out one member of The Group at a time, and fans saw some tense moments. Michael tried to talk Nikita down from the outside, and Alex tried to talk her down from the inside. Amanda was taken down, and she was locked in a cell after it looked like Nikita was caught.

This is where the big twist came into play. Nikita and Alex had not killed anyone at all. They made it look like they had. Nikita remembered one of the lessons Amanda taught her when she first arrived at Division. She taught her about deception, and Nikita’s plan was one big deception. Everyone in the team was in on it.

The government was not in the know, but that was only because the double Amanda placed was close to the team. Ryan told Nikita who that double was before he died. That is what he whispered to her in his final moments. Nikita did see Ryan again during the final moments of the episode. Silverstein revealed that Ryan died because he was the only unattached person on the team. Everyone else was paired off or would be paired off with someone when the series ended.

Once Nikita was caught, it was time to reveal the plot to Amanda, and she was then left alive and locked away in a basement. This was connected to her childhood. Her father used to lock her away, and she fought to get out. She now would live her life locked away. Craig Silverstein said the following about the decision to keep Amanda alive to TV Guide:

“A violent death for Amanda, I think, would have been satisfying in the moment, and then not so much afterwards. Amanda was never — even if she was physically capable — she wasn’t a real physical threat that needed to be physically destroyed. It was much more interesting to beat her on her own terms, which was through deception and wit.”

Amanda was deceived at her own game. She lost, and her last word as the door closed on her was Nikita’s name. This wrapped the series, but fans had a bit more to see. Alex and Sam paired off. Sam ended up as part of the secret service. Nikita and Michael married, and Birkoff made Shadownet public. However, he knew he had a girl in London waiting for him too. Everyone had a happy ending.

As for the series, ratings for the finale were on par with the ratings for previous episodes. 800,000 tuned in watch the finale, according to The Wrap. The finale was never about the ratings. The fan base for this series wanted to see Nikita get her happy ending. They wanted closure for this series.

Fans were loyal to the series until the finale, and those that were loyal the series were vocal about the finale and how things ended on social media on Friday night. Posts on Twitter and Tumblr arrived as soon as the finale began to air on the east coast. “Nikita” never packed the biggest punch, but she did something that made the fans tuned in to watch week after week. CW saw this, and it allowed the series to play out.

What did you think of the “Nikita” on CW? Did you tune in?