Best Buds of the 90’s

Clearly the 90’s was clearly a great time to be bros.

The buds don’t get any better!

Jay and Silent Bob — Clerks

Obviously, these two are perfect for each other. After all, Silent Bob is, well, silent, and Jay makes up for it by never shutting up.

These two drug-dealing buddies’ shenanigans include discovering what the internet is, trying to prevent a movie being made about them (well, kind of about them), befriending an orang-utan and, of course, loafing around while trying to sell drugs and singing awesome songs. The pair keep themselves occupied in absolutely stupid ways, since they hardly know what the internet is.

This is how you know they’re great friends: they never really get bored of each other, even when they’re both bored. Instead, they just nod their heads to music, or Jay sings his own songs. Or, more likely, Jay annoys Dante and Randall while Bob watches.


Daria and Jane — Daria

Perhaps it was fate that caused both these outcasts to wind up in a low self-esteem class, despite having perfectly adequate self-esteem. Certainly, a friendship was made that could never be broken.

Daria and Jane have been through it all — school projects, terrible musical episodes, having crushes on each other’s siblings, having crushes on each other’s boyfriends … and yet they still managed to be best buds all through high school. One can imagine even now, when they’d be in their thirties, that they’re sitting in each other’s bedrooms, talking about Daria’s newspaper column and those new paintings Jane just sold and watching some modern equivalent of Sick, Sad World.


PJ and Max –– Goof Troop

Because they’re the Goof Troop, and they always stick together. So, maybe the Goof Troop includes a lot more people than just Max and PJ, but they certainly are best friends. Learning life lessons, dealing with their polar opposite dads together, probably dealing with the disappearance of PJ’s mom in A Goofy Movie (maybe that’s why Pete wanted to go on a vacation). PJ and Max are inseparable. And I think most of us will envy their ability to get into college together.


Timon and Pumbaa — The Lion King

Every child of the 90’s loves Timon and Pumbaa. They’re just plain awesome. They spend their days being awesome together in paradise. It seems as if these two misfits sing, sleep, swim and eat all day long. And then they watch the stars at night. And when they make a new friend, they let him feel right at home. So, even though nothing can come between this dynamic duo, it’s not like they’re going to cut anyone out of their awesome times. As long as said new friend doesn’t want to eat them.


Wayne and Garth — Wayne’s World

The best of friends simply have to have a million catchphrases and inside jokes. I can name at least six off the top of my head for Wayne and Garth.

Not only are they the type of best friends who have catchphrases, they’re also the kind of best friends who have a TV show together. A duo cannot possibly get more dynamic than that. Now they can broadcast their awesome best buddy-ness for all of Illinois to envy.

Wayne and Garth spend pretty much all their time together, from mornings playing hockey to nights at The Gas Works watching awesome bands play. They’re two tight best bros.


Walter and The Dude —  The Big Lebowski

It may not be the healthiest relationship ever, but they’re men. What’s really important here is that they both love to bowl.

They’ve been through a lot together: the loss of a friend, the kidnapping of a young woman, and The Dude’s rug getting stolen. They’re very different people, with The Dude being extremely laid back, and Walter definitely having some anger management problems. At the end of  their most bizarre adventure, they’re still buds though, and it’s a friendship that probably won’t end until Walter dies of an anger-related issue.


Now, don’t you suddenly want to spend some time with that bro you have all the amazingly stupid, somehow still awesome times with?