Homeland finale shocker: What is next for Carrie in season 4?


“Homeland” has ended season three on Showtime, and it is safe to say that the finale shocked fans. The series finally killed off Brody. That has been the plan for the series since season two, but Showtime convinced the writers of the series to keep him around. His death will have an impact on the series, and it will change things completely for season four. Where will “Homeland” go next season when it returns to Showtime next fall?

Nicholas Brody was killed in a shocking death. He was captured and hung during the season three finale. Carrie was not able to save him. Carrie, who is played with by Claire Danes, will be the focus next season, and she will have Saul and Quinn to keep her company. All three are said to be returning to the series next season, according to Seriable.  However, season four is still in the planning stages, according to Alex Gansa. He is the man behind the Showtime series.

He did offer a few teasers for the upcoming fourth season. Fans could see a jump in time when season four picks up the action. Carrie was pregnant during the end of this season. This lined up a bit with Claire Dane’s own real life pregnancy. She is no longer pregnant, and next season could see her dealing with a new baby and other challenges. There is a chance she might give the baby to her father to raise. Her being a mother would not be an easy task.

Fans have been outspoken about Brody’s death since the season finale aired. Damian Lewis, the actor behind Brody, and Alex Gansa have both spoken out about the buzz surrounding the character’s death on the series. Damian Lewis said the following about the intense reaction via Digital Spy:

“For some, he was one of the main reasons to tune in to the show, but for other people, he was the reason the show couldn’t grow. He was in some way limiting to the show. In the end, [showrunner Alex Gansa] stuck to his guns.”

Lewis added that he was ‘happy’ with how the finale and his character’s story line played out. His character was truly meant to die season one, but the inital fan reaction to the series and love for the character made him hard to kill off. Lewis, Danes, and the series all won Emmy Awards for the first season of the series.

Season three of “Homeland” was different for this series. It had some negative fan reaction, but the viewing numbers for the finale show that the series is still highly popular. The finale was the most watched episode of the series ever, according to CNN. The site reported that 27 percent more people tuned in to watch this year’s finale than last year’s finale. A total of 2.9 million tuned in to watch Brody die.

Showtime is a cable network that is known for making television that viewers want to watch. With shows like “Dexter” and “Californication” also a part of the cable network’s line-up, Showtime is not afraid to push boundaries and go passed limits. Carrie will deal with a lot next season, and a new romance is not out of the question. She has chemistry with Quinn, but she will have to cope with the loss of Brody first. That will be a blow to her. With the additional complication of her pregnancy, she will have to face his loss while making a difficult decision.

What did you think of the “Homeland” finale? Was it time for Brody to die? Or did you want to see him continue on and appear in season four?