Is Shelley Hennig the new villain for Teen Wolf season 3?


Shelley Hennig is returning to the small screen in 2014, and she might scare television fans with her next role. She is the latest addition to the cast of “Teen Wolf” for the second half of season three on MTV. What is known about her role? Absolutely nothing. Hennig is playing a top secret character on the series, according to E! Online. This is not the first time Shelley has been seen by MTV audiences. She appeared on four episodes of “Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.” However, the former Miss Teen Louisiana is best known for her work on “The Secret Circle.” She appeared as Diana Meade on the short lived series. CW canceled it at the end of season one.

How can Hennig be involved with the series? This is what fans know so far. The second half of season three of “Teen Wolf” will be a huge departure from the first half. A new mythology will be created, according to the executive producer of the series, Jeff Davis. The second half of season three will deal with the Kitsune myth. Davis calls it a ‘fascinating Japanese shapeshifter myth about the were-fox and the trickster spirit.’ Previous spoilers for these new episodes of “Teen Wolf” did reveal a new villain would be dealt with by the residents of Beacon Hills.

With the secrecy surrounding Hennig’s role, it is possible she is coming in as a new villain on the series. Hennig is not the only addition to the cast for the new episodes. Arden Cho will join the series as Kira. She will be a student that brings the new mythology to the town. That does not sound very villain like, so this leaves that role still open.  Other new characters are set to come in during next batch of episodes, but details have been released for those new arrivals via E! Online. If Hennig was playing one of those roles, her role wouldn’t need to be top secret. The series does need the trickster spirit in town. “Supernatural” has seen a spirit of this type play with Sam and Dean Winchester in the past, so it is not the first time a series has dealt with this myth. “Teen Wolf” will try to do its own spin on it. One preview for the upcoming season does give fans a glimpse at the new villain. The preview features Crystal Reed as Allison Argent, and she will come face to face with the new villain.

“Teen Wolf” has become a solid hit for MTV. The network enjoyed the show so much that it doubled the episode order for season three. However, a season four renewal dropped the order back down to just 12 episodes. Did the network bite off too much with a 24 episode order for season three? It is possible, but this series is not in danger of cancellation. The network is creating an after show for season four titled “Wolf Watch” with host Jill Wagner, so the network is still fully behind this hit series. The season four renewal, and the creation of the new after show make that clear.

Before season four arrives though, fans will see 12 more episodes of season three, and the cast is promising a ‘darker’ batch of episodes. That comes from Bianca Lawson. She stars as Ms. Morrell on the series. With new mythology and new faces coming to town, “Teen Wolf” is trying to keep fans turning in, and they are doing that for MTV.

What do you think? Will you be tuning in to watch Shelley Hennig and the rest of the cast in the second half of season three of “Teen Wolf” when it returns on Jan. 6?