Real World Ex-Plosion preview: MTV tries to revamp aging series


“The Real World” is coming back to MTV this month, and the reality series is looking to revamp the series that first appeared in 1992. This will be the 29th season for “The Real World” on MTV, and fans will see the action return to San Francisco. That was the location of the most popular season of the franchise. It included Pedro, who died of AIDS not long after the season ended production. MTV is making a big change to the series with this new season, and it is hoping that it brings new life to the franchise. What is MTV doing?

Seven strangers will move into their new home in San Francisco, and they will settle in with their new roommates, but things will change about four weeks into filming. The group will have their exes join the action and move right into the house. Seven roommates with seven exes. A trailer for the season shared by The Los Angeles Times hints at just a bit of the drama coming to the series for season 29. New relationships and old relationships will complicate things in a major way when the exes move in.

One of the hottest couples during the season will be Arielle and Ashley.  Arielle was living in the house, and Ashley is her ex. Jonathan Murray teased the following about the pair in an interview with The Back Lot:

“She and her ex Ashley, as we start this season, they had split up for various reasons. They hadn’t worked out all their issues. Ashley was actually living with another woman when this started. It’s interesting to watch them come together. They seem, to me, to have the most stable relationship of the cast members. In a way, they sometimes act as counselors to the other cast members and their exes and their conflicting feelings.”

Murray also revealed that Arielle almost did not come on the show. Arielle is not the only one roommate that will have trouble during the season ahead. Cory and his ex-girlfriend Lauren will have eight years of baggage to deal with when she moves into the house. Each couple has their own baggage and story that they will bring to the series, according to MTV.

When this series began back in the early 1990s, it was a must-watch show. Put seven strangers into the house from different backgrounds and lifestyles to see how they manage to live together. It helped break the wall between racial and sexual stereotypes. The roommates had to deal with each other and learn how to live together. Early seasons of the MTV series had strong casts with good stories to tell. This ended about ten seasons in.

The series then turned into hookup central with fights non-stop. This was all fans saw. The editors geared the final product on air to plots and certain characters received the attention. It almost looked scripted, but it wasn’t. The editing made it look scripted. Early seasons looked more off the cuff and real than the last few seasons. Entertainment Weekly labeled the last season of “The Real World” one of 2013’s worst shows in its year-end issue. That cast lived and worked in Portland.

Will this new twist revive this long running reality series? Will more people in the house do anything more than cause more drama in the house? MTV was set to premiere this series on Jan. 15, but it decided to bump it up one week, according to TV By The Numbers. It will now premiere on Wednesday night on MTV. It will be followed by a new season of “The Challenge.” Jonathan Murray revealed to The Backlot that the next season of “The Challenge” has also wrapped production, and fans will see a new twist there as well.

What do you think? Will this twist save “The Real World” on MTV? Will you be tuning in to see this new season when it premieres next week?