ReBoot’s coming back!

Let’s see if I can write this entire article without saying, “ReBoot is getting a reboot”.

In 90’s-era Canada, a typical day for a kid included getting home from school and watching ReBoot. We loved the thought of people living inside our computers, the characters were hilarious, and many of us had crushes on Bob, let’s be honest (or Dot). Most Torontonian 20-somethings will tell you that it was one of their  favourite shows on YTV growing up.

We’ve watched the three awesome seasons since then, surely. We’ve bought Glitch key chains and named our dogs Frisket. And we’ve discovered all the clever little jokes we probably didn’t  get as kids – knowing what a megabyte is, or a Frisket, or how much the word “dot” is used in computer-related terms. Plus the show is now on American Netflix, making re-watching and fandom easy, and giving it a new audience. But it’s been more than a decade, and you can only watch reruns so many times before you ache for new material.


Fans of the show are getting an opportunity not too many fanbases get – ReBoot is coming back. Yes, for once all the petitioning and letters to TV networks, show creators, and poor, innocent executive producers has paid off.

The reboot was announced on the 20th anniversary of the show’s release, and fans could not be happier.

There is a slight lack of trust, however. After all, a film trilogy was announced 5 years ago, and nothing ever came of that.


Of course, much excitement surrounds the return of any popular show (especially one with insanely geeky cult status, like ReBoot). Just having the characters exist again is enough – seeing the computer city, Mainframe, hearing Mike yelling, and Bob saving the day, will bring fans to a crippling nostalgic state.

Seeing how the writers go about this reboot will be interesting as well. After all, the show initially ran from 1994 to 2001, and it’s about people who live in a computer and work in video games. The possibilities of how ReBoot can not only get back on the air, but be updated are just about endless, and guessing will  be so much fun.


There have been so many CGI shows over the years – Father of the Pride, a bunch of Dreamworks productions like Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon, but fans will boast about ReBoot being the first TV show that was completely computer-generated. Even if the graphics might have been a little scary for some of the younger viewers (like me). Production company Rainmaker’s president – AKA the man with the most power over the show as of right now – said that they were working on an “all-new version” of ReBoot, though it wasn’t explained how different it’ll look. The animation was iconic in the 90’s, but that may only be because no one had ever seen so much CGI on TV before. Obviously the look will be updated, but with the heights CGI can be taken to nowadays, it’ll be exciting (and a little bit scary) to see what “all-new” will mean for Bob, Dot, Enzo, and Megabyte’s appearance … or if they’ll even be the main characters anymore. So far it looks like they won’t be as prominent as they once were, though they are likely to be included. The coolest possibility hearing this news (do note, this is nothing but my own personal musings) is that the new series’ storyline will intertwine with the old one. At least if the old  characters aren’t in the show, no one will be tasked with replacing Tony Jay, Megabyte’s voice actor, who passed away in 2006.

It has been guaranteed that the show will be brought into the 21th century. It’s also been guaranteed that it will remain a kids’ show. Makes sense, since fans of the original series are sure to watch it either way (and maybe even introduce it to their kids).

Perhaps it would be best to refer to this reboot as an upgrade.