The CW’s new life: Are vampires to thank for its new popularity?


The CW is known as the network in dead last. It is filled with teen dramas and lighter fare, but this new fall season has seen a boom for the network, and that boom is centered on Tuesday nights. Supernatural and The Originals are the shows that have taken over that night. Since Supernatural’s premiere earlier this month, the network has steadily risen in the ratings. In fact, last week’s pairing made for the highest ranked Tuesday in four years in the 18-49 demo, according to TV By The Numbers. What is behind this new popularity? Is it luck? Is it good shows that are making people tune in? Or is it a combination of the two? There is something going on though. That much is clear.

The Originals is one of the new kids on the block for CW, but the characters on it are not new. The network spun-off one of its more popular series, The Vampire Diaries. Julie Plec is the woman in charge of both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, and she had a plan laid out for the spin-off before the network even asked it.

This new series focuses in on the Klaus and his family. They are the first vampires, and they are 1000 years old. Klaus has returned to the city he helped create, and he wants it back. Set in New Orleans, Klaus must battle his protege to take back control of the city. This series is darker, edgier, and more adult than The Vampire Diaries. It is able to bring in new fans while keeping the old ones that followed Klaus and his family from The Vampire Diaries.

Julie Plec has definitely made viewers happy with her tireless work. Not only does she work on the two above shows, but she also has brought The Tomorrow People to the network. That series has made a strong showing on Wednesday nights. Plec is now being called the Queen of CW because of her work for the network, according to The Los Angeles Times. Fans that follow her on Twitter will see her up tweeting at all hours. She is often seen up til sunrise working on scripts and other details for the three shows she works on. She is hands on with her casts, and she can be seen out having dinner with members of the cast when work is done.

The new popularity has not only touched The Originals, but The Vampire Diaries has seen its own increase in ratings this season. Last week’s episode scored the biggest ratings for the series since last February, and the network beat out both ABC and NBC in its time slot, according to TV By The Numbers. Vampires have been big on television. True Blood is testimony to that, but that series started losing fans during recent seasons, and the vampire fare on CW is gaining fans.

What about Supernatural? Is it a factor in the new popularity? Possibly. It is entering season nine, and the series has its strongest plot in recent years. The return of Misha Collins full time, and this strong plot is certainly helping. The Tomorrow People and Reign are also big with fans, and Beauty and the Beast has a strong following of fans that bombard social media in support of the series. All of this only helps pick up the network.

What about this week’s Tuesday night line-up? Did they stay as strong? Or was it a flash in the pan? The ratings and viewer totals for this week’s outing of The Originals did dip slightly, according to TV Fanatic. However, it was only a slight dip of about 100,000 viewers from last week. The CW was not the only network that saw dips in the ratings this week, so it could be nothing. It is safe to say that vampires are helping give CW new life, and it is all thanks to one hybrid named Klaus.