The Walking Dead: Season 3 finale coming up! Who’s gonna die next?

walking dead rick and carl
Carl and Rick keeping watch on the prison yard

Possible spoilers!

It seems like most people are expecting at least one person to die in the final episode for Season 3 of The Walking Dead. The question of who that may be is a harder one to tackle. Here are some characters that may die – and most likely one of these characters will die. (well they don’t have to, but the story may stall if someone doesn’t die.)


the walking dead hershel
Hershel at his best

Hershel’s been through hell. He’s lost his farm, he’s lost family, he’s lost part of his leg, and he almost lost his daughter (and future son-in-law Glenn). He is literally and metaphorically on his last leg.

He is definitely the kind of man to put himself before any other, so it’s a good probability that he will lay down his life to save someone else.

The Governor

the walking dead the governor
The governator

The Governor is not here to make friends. He’s pissed because his zombie daughter was killed by Michonne, his authority has been undermined by Andrea, Milton, and half of the prisoners residents of Woodbury, and he’s kind of a crazy jerk.

And he’s consistently lied about several key events, like attacking the prison, holding hostages, and brutally murdering a squad of military personnel just to get their equipment.

He has a good chance of biting a bullet, or at least being bitten by a biter.


the walking dead merle
Hungry man

Merle has been a scrappy character ever since Season One, having proved that he is a tough zombie survivor, capable of any kind of onslaught. He would rather die fighting then become a walker.

Oh. Wait. Nevermind.


the walking dead andrea and the governor
Andrea questions choices made by The Governor

To most fans, Andrea is either a bitch, a fool, a strong independent-thinker, or a combination of all three. It seems like a lot of the strife between the two factions can be solved by her just picking a side and going with it.

She may be tortured to death, or go out fighting to her last breath. We know that she can handle herself around zombies, so if she does die, it will be by the hands of a living being.