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Electricity; electric; electrically

ka·mi [kä-mĭ]

spirits abiding in natural phenomena and sometimes in people with extraordinary qualities.

What does electro kami mean?

electro kami is the spirit and essence of a programmer, a digital designer, a filmmaker, a musician, a writer, or a developer.

When one creates intangible works on a computer or instrument, whether it be an elaborate Photoshop art piece, a synthetic aural sound scape, a gripping movie, a grease-lightning fast application, or a minimalistic web layout, they are putting themselves into their digital production.

So next time you write that slick PHP script, compose that musical techno masterpiece, stylize that boring gallery into a magical Flash experience, or code the most unique JavaScript/CSS menu system known to man, remember that you are putting a little bit of yourself into that creation.

You are synthesizing a piece of your soul with that digital creation.

You are creating an electro kami.

electro kami is a collection of writings, musings, thoughts, tutorials, advice, and comments on creative works.

Here you will find discussions about film, literature, interactive entertainment, music, and any other piece of creative work.

We have been around since 2007, with a major revamp and launch on October, 18 2009.