Install Node.js on a Vyatta server (or a Debian install)

Are you trying to install NodeJS on a Vyatta server - there are quite a few hurdles you must hop over to complete this seemingly elusive task, and I just did it - so I will share my lessons learned.

Romantic movies that don't suck

AKA romantic movies you can make your boyfriend watch without feeling guilty. Romantic movies -- we all know them. We can all name several: Titanic, The Seven Year Itch, Dirty Dancing, Eat, Pray, Love, A Walk to Remember. Most of the time, we…

Great movie, better book

Sometimes you see a movie and you think, “there is no way they could have made that better." Then you read the book, and everything changes. For example: The Princess Bride The Princess Bride is a classic film. It’s a charming, endearing…

Movies that are quoted to the max

Because sometimes, only someone else’s words will do. There are some movies whose dialogue fits into every aspect of life -- great comebacks, bizarre banter, and intellectual musings we can all put to use at one point or another. Anchorman “You…

Sony to Offer a Cable-like TV Service via the Internet

You may soon be able to do away with your cable subscription that you get via your local cable provider. Instead, you could get cable TV via the internet. Who would offer such a service? None other than Sony.

Toshiba shows off Two 4K Display Laptops at CES 2014

Toshiba is known for making great laptops at prices that people can afford. Now, they are looking to bring in a new era of laptop displays by announcing the world's first 4K laptop.

Roku Moves from Making Set-top Boxes to Smart TVs

Roku may soon make more than just set-top boxes. It looks like they are going to venture into the world of TV. Well they be able to make a splash or will they belly flop.

Yahoo’s Advertising Server hit by Hacker, Hundreds of Thousands of Users Infected with Malware

Yahoo once again finds itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Just recently Yahoo's ad network was hit by malware. This malware was able to infect people who visited Yahoo's website via Java.

Tech Trends That Will Grow in Popularity in 2014

The new year is already here and we can look back at all of the great tech that came out in 2013. This also means, we can speculate as to what tech will become more popular in 2014! Let's take a look.

Microsoft Gives Windows Phone Users 20GB Extra of SkyDrive for Christmas

Windows Phones may not be as popular as Android phones, but they are differently growing in popularity. To help jump s tart this growth, Windows is now offering Windows Phone users an extra 20GB of SkyDrive storage free.

T-Mobile Continues to Win Over Customers and Cause Problems for Other Carriers

Wanting to break away from your current mobile service provider but are locked into a contract? Well, T-Mobile has you covered! The company announced that the last stage of its plan to shake up the industry is to cover early termination fees when people break contract with their current carrier to join T-Mobile.

Translate What Your Dog is Thinking with No More Woof

Ever wonder what your dog is trying to tell you? Well, now you may be able to hear what it is thinking thanks to a new product by Indiegogo called No More Woof. In short, this is a small device that you put on the head of your dog, and it…

Datawind Releases $38 Tablet called the UbiSlate

Just because you want a tablet does not mean you have to spend a lot of money. Datawind is showing off their ultra cheap tablet called the UbiSlate. The tablet is not going to stand up against the newer tablets, but for just $38, what do you expect?

Smartphone Boom Finally Takes Hold in Japan

Smartphones have been popular in America for a long time, but the same cannot be said for Japan. It has only been recently that sales for Smartphones have been on the rise. This has caused the sales of apps to rise too, and for the first time Japan has spent more on apps that the United States.

5 creepy stories the internet brought us

Halloween’s passed us by and we’re well on our way towards Christmas (I recommend starting your shopping … last month), but who doesn’t love a good old creepy story? Some of these are proven hoaxes, and some of these are still mysteries,…

Microsoft Offering the Dell Venus 8 Pro for Just $99

If you are looking for a good deal on a tablet, you might want to check the Microsoft Store. They are holding a 12 Days of Deals sale. Right now you can get a discount on the Dell Venus Pro 8.

Five famous Trekkies

Some of these might surprise you. Star Trek’s been around forever. We’ve all watched it, all our parents have watched it, and maybe even our grandparents have watched it. There have been 12 films, six series … it’s impossible to stay…

Applebee's will have Tablets on its Tables in 2014

Applebee's is looking to go high tech by putting tablets on every table. These tablets will allow consumers to place their own orders, among other things.

Sony and Microsoft Talk Sales Numbers

The Xbox One and PS4 are both out now and the next console war is fully underway. So which company is winning right now? Well that would be the Wii U, but it had a year head start. That being said, Sony and MIcrosoft are already hot on its heels.

25 things you might not know about Harry Potter

How hardcore is your fandom? Every now and the, it’s important to have a good, old nerding session. Since Rowling spent years compiling characters, world rules, and magic rules for Harry Potter, it’s one of the easiest, and most entertaining…