Are you trying to install NodeJS on a Vyatta server – there are quite a few hurdles you must hop over to complete this seemingly elusive task, and I just did it – so I will share my lessons learned.

2014 has just begun, and it’s time to get excited for this year in movies.

AKA romantic movies you can make your boyfriend watch without feeling guilty.

Sometimes you see a movie and you think, “there is no way they could have made that better.” Then you read the book, and everything changes.

Who says you can’t look great in an ankle-length dress?

Because sometimes, only someone else’s words will do.

You may soon be able to do away with your cable subscription that you get via your local cable provider. Instead, you could get cable TV via the internet. Who would offer such a service? None other than Sony.

Toshiba is known for making great laptops at prices that people can afford. Now, they are looking to bring in a new era of laptop displays by announcing the world’s first 4K laptop.

Stop acting like you hate it when characters randomly break into song.

There are new developments on the “Fast & Furious 7” front this week, and these latest developments have fans of the franchise outraged. Back in December, it was revealed that the film would be delayed until April 2015. The writers Read more…

There is no question that the PS4 is beating out the Xbox One in sales and is closing in on the Wii U pretty quickly. That being said, we never really had a number to put with it. Well, Sony has finally given us a number at this year’s CES. They also introduced a new game streaming service.

Roku may soon make more than just set-top boxes. It looks like they are going to venture into the world of TV. Well they be able to make a splash or will they belly flop.

Yahoo once again finds itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Just recently Yahoo’s ad network was hit by malware. This malware was able to infect people who visited Yahoo’s website via Java.

“The Bachelor” is ready to start 2014 with an entirely new season on ABC. This time around, ABC has broken their mold and brought in their first non-white contestant. Juan Pablo Galavis is ready to look for love on ABC. Read more…

“The Real World” is coming back to MTV this month, and the reality series is looking to revamp the series that first appeared in 1992. This will be the 29th season for “The Real World” on MTV, and fans will Read more…

The new year is already here and we can look back at all of the great tech that came out in 2013. This also means, we can speculate as to what tech will become more popular in 2014! Let’s take a look.

T-Mobile may soon become part of Sprint after shareholders approved the merger. Now, both companies have to get regulator approval, but this may prove to be difficult.

2013 is now over, and that means it is time for a new year filled with television programming. Many television shows will return from their holiday breaks starting tomorrow, but 2013 had some awesome programming that kept fans tuning in Read more…

The new year is here and it may not be as hard as you think to get a new console. Sony and Microsoft are both working hard to make sure their consoles say in stores this year.