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The Twelve Best Pink Floyd Songs from Their Top Albums

Our top twelve songs from Pink Floyd - featuring songs from all of their hit albums.

Mumford & Sons: Giving Coldplay a Run for Their Money in the Hate Stakes

There’s a thin line between love and hate, especially in music, and especially in rock ‘n’ roll. In many circles, if you’re seen as underground or uncommercial, this somehow gives you more credibility, as if you have to pass through…

Stone Roses' Second Coming - The Classic Album Doomed From The Start

The Stone Roses exploded out of nowhere in 1989, and brought with them an album that sits high on the majority of British journalists, magazines and music fans’ Top 10 album lists.

Indie rock band SHY NATURE: Playing Paperboy, fridge destruction, and their crisp driving single Deadly Sin

Check out the catchy, summery sound from SHY NATURE, a band from London on the verge of a great new album release.

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories. Debuting at #1 like it's easy

Random Access Memories has debuted at #1 on charts all over the world. It is the fourth studio album from French electronic dance duo Daft Punk.

Seven more great music videos that will make your head explode

Here are five more music videos for you to listen, watch, and enjoy! Because of their uniqueness and entertainment factor, we think you will have fun with them!

Check out We Can Only Live Today (Puppy) (feat. Billie) Camo & Krooked Remix

This music video is pretty damn amazing and the song is really damn amazing!

Six Scintillating Soundtracks

Here are six soundtracks that bring emotion and connectivity to their respective films and enhance their film's success to the infinite degree.

Sexy sax man careless whisper prank feat. Sergio Flores

He doesn't like George Michael! Booooo!

Four great music videos that will blow your mind and rock your socks

Some of these songs are just so exciting that they make you start grooving in your chair, and their videos are equally worthy of your attention. You might even see a video for a song that you haven't heard before! Check them out.

Five best Prince songs done by other artists

Prince is one unique dude. Therefore, you might be surprised to learn that other artists have done his songs -- sometimes better. For instance, the world might not have ever been introduced to Sinead O'Connor without her big ballad on a Prince song. Prince recently played a long string of dates in Los Angeles, so it seems like as good a time as any to reconsider some of the cover versions of his songs that are out there.

Eight great musicians and bands in eight different genres

Sometimes you just seem to find music by pure luck or random timing. Here are eight great groups and artists that have been found in roundabout ways that you should listen to!

The five best recent rap cameos on pop songs

Have you noticed how rap stars have become like big name actors that give pop songs enhanced credibility? It's as though pop songs are not good enough on their own without a rapper chiming in. It also might be because pop singers desperately need to prove their R&B credentials. Ironically, this trend also works in reverse. For example, would Eminem have gotten nearly as much mileage out of "Love The Way You Lie," had Rihanna not also cooed along with that Detroit kingpin? These five examples of pop singers hanging out in the studio with rappers aren't the first, and they certainly won't be the last.

From imeem to to Pandora to Grooveshark: Finding good internet radio

Online radio is the best thing ever. It's far superior to FM radio, and for great reason. But why do they keep letting me down?

Broken Bells sounds like Gorillaz. But that's not a bad thing.

While there are many musical groups that have a similar sound or vibe, there is an eerie feeling of sameness when you listen to Broken Bells' The Ghost Inside and compare it to the sound of the melodic sensation Gorillaz. But that's where the only similarities lie. Aside from that, the two groups are completely different in all aspects. Well, besides the fact that there are only two members in both groups.

Stayin alive in the wall: A Beegees vs Pink Floyd mashup

In this video, another mixup from the masters known as waxaudio, we have a mashup of the Bee Gees hit "Stayin Alive" versus the Pink Floyd anthem "Another Brick in the Wall". Extra points for using John Travolta's dance skills.

AC/DC do Ghostbusters

Ironically, AC/DC called up Ray Parker Jr. and asked them who to call (based on an earlier source that mentioned that Ray Parker in fact knew who to call). Ray Parker quickly responded to the Young brothers and the rest of the AC/DC group, simply stating Ghostbusters!

Three terrible music videos

What could be worse than a terrible music video? Three terrible music videos! In fact these are almost awesomely bad they are so terrible.

Steklovata, the Russian Boy Band Phenom

When you become a famous Russian boy band singer, you definitely need to remake this song.