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Eight great musicians and bands in eight different genres

Online radio is great. It helps people find great new artists, dive deeper into one of their current loves, as well as rediscover old favorites. Sometimes even friends or random excursions can help you stumble upon new artists or musical genres.

And sometimes you just seem to find music by pure luck or random timing.

Here are eight great groups and artists that have been found in roundabout ways that you should listen to! You may have heard of some already or you may have heard them all, but take a closer look and find some new music. And don’t worry if you have a unique taste in music because there is something for just about anyone in this list!


rjd2 electronica

RJD2's music hits home

Musical genres: Hip hop, Electronica, Rock, Trip hop, Lo-fi, Nu jazz

No matter what music you listen to, there is one common thing that any sound junkie can agree on: good rhythm, beats, or riffs make for a great song to lift your mood. RJD2 seems to have tapped into the underlying chords of music and manages to create melodies so fresh and unique that they’ll make you bob your head like a fool. Not only that, his tunes will stick in your mind for hours after you’ve heard them.

Great starter songs:
• Supahero
• The Horror
• Chicken Bone Circuit
• Ghostwriter
• Silver Fox

Recommended album: Deadringer: Deluxe

He is very good at mixing hip hop styles with modern electronic beats and old blues undertones. So whether you’re cruising around in your car, sitting at home relaxing, or having people over for a party, RJD2 will help set the mood and make the atmosphere perfect.

Check out “The Horror”:


starfucker fucking around

While we don't often use curse words, we aren't gonna censor art!

Musical genres: Electronica, As the group describes them self: “dance music that you can actually listen to, that’s good pop songs, but also you can dance to it.”

This group prides itself on being a great blend of “types of music”, meaning you can feel content dancing or singing to their music, as well as just simply enjoying it while you work or play. What The Beatles did for Rock and Roll, Starfucker does for electronica pop – they make it portable, likable, and easy to get into.

Great starter songs:
• Holly
• Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second
• Florida
• Isabella of Castle

Recommended album: Starfucker

While still a fairly new group, they’ve already received their share of acknowledgment and accolades (they were even used in a Target commercial!). Not only is their music uplifting, it brings out the joy in others. Just try playing a couple of their songs in front of your friends – they’ll have a hard time not enjoying it. Also, they go by the alias STRFKR, in case you wanted to refer to them in places that censor free speech.

Check out “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second”:

Sonata Arctica

sonata arctica power metal

These guys make you feel ALIVE

Musical Genres: Power metal, progressive metal, symphonic metal, melodic power metal

Sonata Arctica brings a very extraordinary and special type of sound through your speakers and into your soul. If you like metal and rock tunes similar to Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, or Journey, you’ll most likely love the creations that Sonata Arctica have crafted. The pure sense of amazing-ness that you get from their high-flying guitars, soaring vocals, echoing drums, and rifftastic bass will make you just … cheer.

Great starter songs:
• Power of One
• My Land
• Wolf and Raven
• My Selene
• The Cage

Recommended album: End of This Chapter: Best of

While they do have some darker and somber melodies, as well as some lost love type ballads, their overall sound is enough to change your mood and pump up your vitality. There is a reason they call it power metal. Enjoy.

Check out “Wolf and Raven”:


basshunter wallpaper deviant art
[via XimperfectXescapeX]

Basshunter makes great beats

Musical Genres: Eurodance, Euro-Trance, dance, techno

Basshunter is the perfect type of music for all kinds of techies, geeks, gamers, or programmers. His loops and beats keep you motivated, get you excited, and have multiple levels of depth to them. While most famous for his ode to a Warcraft 3 mod named DotA, Basshunter mixes his music with a range of topics and genres. He even has Counter-Strike inspired hits to keep you sniping like a pro.

Great starter songs:
• Mio Min Mio
• Bass Creator
• I Can Walk on Water, I Can Fly
• Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota
• Utan Stjärnorna

Recommended album: LOL

When not riffing off musical scores like Jurassic Park or making game inspired music, Basshunter also develops excellent songs centered around superb harmonies and enchanting effects. It’s especially useful when you are up late programming your last minute project or writing your next masterpiece. Plus it’s just a blast to hear – what more could you want from music?

Check out “Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar Dota” (or you can just call it the “DotA song”):


thyrfing viking metal ragnorok

These guys will rip you a new one. And you'll enjoy it!

Musical Genres: Viking metal, black metal, ragnorock

Take some dark Viking undertones, throw in some riveting electric guitar, add killer drum beats, and then drop in some pure raw emotion … and what do you get? Ragnorock (a play on the chain of Norse events known as the destiny of the gods). If you ever wanted to get your assed kicked by rock and metal, these guys are for you.

Great starter songs:
• The Voyager
• Home Again
• The Slumber of Yesteryears
• Host
• Over the Hills and Far Away
• Home Again
• Hels Vite
• Mjölner
• Farsotstider

Recommended album: Vansinnesvisor

While sung mostly in Swedish, the soul pounding drums, medieval allusions, and echoing guitars will win you over in time. After all, you don’t have to understand the lyrics to appreciate the music. Try them out (as long as you like metal that is!).

Check out “Mjölner”:

And don’t let that scare you away, as they do produce some stuff in English, such as this amazing cover of Gary Moore’s “Over the Hills and Far Away”:

Pretty freaking awesome right? Yup!

Van Morrison

van morrison mellow folk guitar

Van Morrison is perfect for lazy days or summertime slacking

Musical Genres: Blues, rhythm and blues, folk, blue-eyed soul, celtic, rock and roll, jazz fusion, country

The most fitting word that can be used to describe Van Morrison’s music is mellow. His work is great for long, hot days, or sitting on a porch, laying by a pool, getting past a hangover, introspection, and even getting over a relationship. He brings you a subtle smile and relaxation, and also cultivates such a one-of-a-kind sound that he can’t be matched.

Great starter songs:
• Brown Eyed Girl
• Wild Night
• Gloria
• Bright Side of the Road
• Sweet Thing
• Everyone
• And It Stoned Me

Recommended album: Still on Top: The Greatest Hits

For those just getting into Van Morrison, the best album to pick up is his greatest hits. He has so many wonderful songs, but you will find that his best are timeless and great to hear over and over again. Be warned though – his music can be so good that you may start singing along (hopefully you have a good voice!).

Listen to “And It Stoned Me”:

Swollen Members

swollen members hip hop

Great times with great rhymes

Musical Genres: Hip hop, Gangsta rap, West Coast hip hop, abstract hip hop

With a high level of rapport within the underground hip hop community, this group of rappers from Canada features mostly a duo of Mad Child and Prevail along with a mix of different talents like Rob The Viking, Moka Only, Zodak, and Easy Roc, as well as cameos and collaborations with Barbie Hatch, Everlast, Divine Styler, Talib Kweli, Tech N9ne, and Dilated Peoples.

Great starter songs:
• Go to Sleep
• Prisoner of Doom
• Deep End
• Massacre
• Swamp Water
• Black Magic

Recommended album: Black Magic [Explicit]

With rap music that has actual content, Swollen Members prove that hip hop can be more than just money, violence, and women. Their smooth lyrics and rhymes also hit home with deeper meanings and references that will keep you listening for more. Besides that, their music is good for dancing yo.

Try out their great beats in “Deep End”:

Speaking of swamp water…

Creedence Clearwater Revival

creedence clearwater revival swamp music

Bluegrass southern swamp rock at its finest

Musical Genres: Roots rock, country rock, blues-rock, swamp rock, rock and roll, Southern rock

While probably mostly known for their popular hit song “Fortunate Son”, Creedence Clearwater Revival has a plethora of great music. Taking inspiration from blues, rock and roll, and old country sounds, CCR blends a melody that takes your mind into a back country vibe. Whether you’re driving around town, watching the sunrise, or sitting out at a BBQ, you’ll find plenty of reasons to turn the music up when a CCR song comes on.

Great starter songs:
• Down on the Corner
• Susie Q
• Up Around the Bend
• Long as I Can See the Light

Recommended album: Chronicle, Vol. 1: The 20 Greatest Hits

While clearly inspired by the southern sounds of older times, it may sound strange that CCR is composed of musicians from San Francisco, California. Besides that one fact, you’d be hard pressed to find anything about their music that doesn’t scream bayou and bluegrass. Make sure to check out some of their songs off their greatest hits (Chronicle 1) as well as their second greatest hits (Chronicle 2).

Listen to “Looking Out My Back Door”: