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Seven more great music videos that will make your head explode

Based on the popularity of our previous post listing a selection of music videos that would make you happy, we went ahead and dug up some more.

And not just one or two more. Hell not even just four more. We got you seven freaking more music videos to blow your mind and rock your socks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

7. PSY (ft. HYUNA) 오빤 딱 내 스타일 [remake of PSY “Gangnam Style”]

By now you all know the YouTube video that decimated Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in video views – PSY’s infectious “Gangnam Style”.

Coming all the way from Korea is PSY, a performer who takes style cues (and humor) from the success of LMFAO and other similar dance music electronic artists. With a song off of his six album ‘PSY6甲’ making noise on YouTube less than a month after its release, his two year music hiatus is finally over.

Gangnam Style is the epitamy of PSY: he wrote the from lyrics, made the beats, and did the choreography. According to the YouTube page, this video will change your life POV:

The song is characterized by its strongly addictive beats and lyrics, and is thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy.

That’s a lot to live up to, but take a look for yourself and you will see the true Gangnam Style:

So yes, you’ve probably seen that video a couple of times already.

But have you seen the painfully cute version by PSY’s friend Hyuna? Take a look and try not not smile:

You gotta agree that Hyuna’s mix puts a little bit of a different spin on the song huh? Well if you’re a fan of Minecraft, take a peak at this gem:

6. LMFAO “Champagne Showers”

Basically acting like a sequel to their previous music video for “Party Rocking Anthem”, this LMFAO ridiculousness packed video that is “Champagne Showers” continues the story line of their Party Rocking zombies into a new level that features Party Rocking Vampires and the power of a compelling Christ that can also dance.

LMFAO stands by their position: They make fun songs with even more fun music videos.

Beyond the typical strange and fun lyrics heard in most LMFAO songs, this music video aims to entertain you with a plot that confuses and amuses.

5. David Guetta – She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia

This next one is the type of song that will get stuck in your head, as well as make you bounce it a little. No this has nothing to do with the Shakira song of a similar name – this song is a new track all on its own, full of electric boogaloo. Aside from that, the visual elements of this music video are very intriguing, as they weave a story wrapped into the beats and rhythm of this David Guetta hit.

There is certainly a current shift in music that supports electronic and beat based music nowadays, David Guetta stands at the front with a lot of his music. One could call him a ground-breaking artist.

Check it out:

4. White Rabbits – Heavy Metal

While not actually heavy metal (the music genre) or Heavy Metal (the awesome illustrated magazine and movie), this song still rocks. Couple the great eclectic riff with a scary fun video sequence, and you get this masterpiece, a trippy, horror mind-messing experience.

If I had to describe it for a magazine ad excerpt:

White Rabbit’s Heavy Metal music video reveals suburban life’s number one fear: being caught in a loop.

It’s up to you how it makes you feel.

3. Graveyard – Endless Night

Since I don’t want to fake you out with a song called “Heavy Metal” that isn’t really umm.. “metal”, here is a song for those guitar and drums purists. Featuring a steady, grinding rock riff, a raspy Ace-of-Spades-esque lead singer, a brief yet edgy video, and a break in the action featuring a smoking concession lady, it’s a quick intro to the awesome group known as Graveyard.

Listen up:

2. While She Sleeps – Our Courage, Our Cancer

And if that last groups’ sound isn’t strong enough for you, While She Sleeps should surely hit the spot. Their song has emotion and rock driven lyrics, a crushing guitar ending, and video plot that may stir up some thoughts of lost loved ones.

Turn it up if you like it:

1. Plan B – Playing With Fire ft. Labrinth

A bonus comes from the UK.

For those that aren’t a fan of metal music, or maybe don’t feel as much joy when they hear the heavy electronic type music, here is more of a hybrid song. This clip features melodic politics, freedom of speech, hip hop styles, an excellent riveting piano piece, and good beats.

Don’t get burned!