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Counter-Strike Videos: The Sequel

Counter Strike Source

Counter Strike Source

This morning, the internet revealed an all new set of videos involving the lovable game of millions. While there may not be as many videos as the last Counter-Strike Video post, this one still has some gems.

First off, a CS video that makes the game look really fun- and it is, but it’s hard to express that in a video as well as this clip did. This collage of action features crazy jumps, lucky kills, and outright hilarity (plus Savage Garden?). Watch it:

Up next, a music video that shows the world of CS if everyone just got together and became friends – and then smoked a bunch of weed. Here it is, the CS video with Garry’s Mod featuring Afroman’s “Got High”:

Check out this Stomp-styled song made with the gun sounds from CS: Source:

Lastly, here are two videos featuring Counter-Strike being played in the Lego universe. This would be a cool mod if someone just took the time to model every level and model in Lego blocks. Unless, of course, Lego were to make a Mature-rated First-Person Shooter for older Lego fans that played like Counter-Strike …

While this Lego CS video is pretty good:

This one is by far more superior: